Friday, February 18, 2011

Abbreviated Post for A Busy Friday Night

Ever wanted to fly? Not like being a private pilot, in a small plane, but all by yourself in the air?  This just might be as close as you get without diving off a mountain.

It's a real company, Martin Aircraft, and a real product.  Currently in flight testing, and likely to be sold to small businesses that will rent it to you for a while.  Last price I could track down was $50,000.

It has a 5 gallon gas tank, runs on high test, and has a maximum range of 31.5 miles at 63 mph.  It has a planned ceiling of 8000 feet, although they haven't tested that, yet.  

This would cover my commute easily.  Instead of driving through school zones at 15 mph, I could zip over them. 

We can dream, can't we?

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  1. That is wicked cool. Now, where did I put that credit card...