Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Pause For A Brief Diversion

If you're in Florida, you should know that the state senate's committee on criminal justice is poised to vote whether to bring to the full senate a bill allowing open carry.  Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble has the details.  The whole effort is being coordinated by Florida Open Carry

I've emailed the entire committee.  Personally, I'm not a super-big fan of open carry, but I think it should be our right and decision.  Besides, as I noted in Gun Culture 2.0, I think anything that helps normalize gun ownership is a Good Thing.  If nothing else, people openly carrying would make it easier on people like me who might expose their gun while bending over in the store, or reaching for the top shelf.

While I'm on the subject, I tried something today that I've never done before and carried in a fanny pack.  We were headed to Orlando for the day, an event in a tourist town where fanny packs and "shoot me first vests" are very common.  I'm still a bit stiff from a twisted back a few weeks ago, and while getting dressed, my regular holster was causing my belt to bother my back.  I tried putting my XDsc into a regular pack, the kind that's not designed as a holster, and it worked fine.  No back soreness, and as comfortable a day on my feet carrying as I've ever had.

As Milhouse said, when Bart Simpson asked him how it feels to ride a girl's bike, "it's disturbingly comfortable". 


  1. After wearing a 20+ lb duty belt for some years as a cop, and carrying a .45 in an IWB holster for years then and after (plus assorted back injuries), I cannot carry without sciatic pain - except in a fanny pack. I've been using a fanny pack for over ten years now.

    I often get looks from people that seem to shout "Looka that Yuppie", or "Fag!", especially here in Montana. But, as an older, out of shape fellow I simply view it as protective coloration. Those same folks would wet themselves if they realized I was carrying a .45 and spare mags. If I ever need it, Heaven forfend, I should have a three to four second lead time on the other guy's OODA loop. (Brings a smile to my face every time I think of it :-) I also think it is faster than moving a shirt and/or a jacket aside.

    If you get serious about it, SG, take a peek at this: I use one in desert tan.

  2. Thanks, Reg! That looks great.

    I think you understood my reference to Milhouse came from people calling fanny packs "fag bags". I tend to think of them as the "European Tourist" look, myself. Around here they're really not that unusual and it's easier to blend in.

    I need to spend a little more time looking into this. That Hawkepak looks like it would handle a full-sized duty pistol, like my XDm, pretty easily.

  3. It would, indeed. My G21 fits in the Micro-1 if that helps. I just prefer to carry my G30.

    You might go for the Micro Gun-pak 2 if you want to carry a bit more stuff. I carry my wallet, a cell phone on one side, and a few odds and ends on the other, but I think Pak-2 will comfortably carry a bit more in the central front pouch. I believe I'll switch when this one starts to wear out.

    I have a good friend who lives in Central Texas who won't use one of these "Fast Action Gun" bags because he's afraid some of the good ol' boys might think his sexual orientation needed to be addressed. Frankly, a little direct eye contact
    and a confident nod has always worked to keep me out of trouble ;-)

  4. I probably once though something similar about fanny packs, but since I got my concealed carry license a few years ago my thoughts have changed somewhat. Now whenever I see someone with a fanny pack the first thing I ask myself is whether or not that person is likely carrying - not out of nervousness or anything, just part of being aware of my surroundings. It seems like it would be an extremely convenient way to carry, especially if you will be in a place where it doesn't stand out so much.

  5. I used a small leather fanny pack with a holster and S&W Air Weight revolver inside for years. It worked great. Concealed carry is difficult in the south during the summer, because all you can really stand to have on is a tee-shirt in 90 degrees and 90% humidity. I have found that a Harley-Davidson tee-shirt doesn't do a very good job of concealing a firearm. In the winter, a coat or a good heavy flannel shirt will hide a pretty good sized hog leg in a holster.