Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This blog is now one year old!  I missed my actual blogiversary - which was Monday, the 21st. 

My first post was nothing much, just a "hello world".  Later that night, I put up a long post that presaged a lot of what I've done here, and has some quotes I've gone back to, "The Economic Mess That Changes Everything".  There's a few mistakes in there, but I still say it has more insights per inch then you get from the traditional media. 

According to Blogger's stats page right now, there have been 21,918 page views, with the most views, 1637, of my long post "On Germs, Weeds, Companies, Governments and Skunks".  It has been widely linked to.  Second was "The Slippery Slope Just Tilted a Bit More" (which surprises me), with just about half the total number of views (773). 

So as we flail through 2011 into the future with what appears to be a full-blown global socialist revolution beginning, my thanks to everyone who stops by; big thanks to anyone who left a comment for encouragement; and let's hope the country is more free on February 21, 2012 than it is today.  Personally, I wouldn't take that bet. 


  1. Congratulations! You know, you have pro'lly about the same traffic I had my first year.

    Here's to many more!

  2. Congratulations! I, too, hope that we see improvements in the coming year. And I wouldn't take the bet, either.

  3. One year, excellent, Graybeard.

    ... I still say it has more insights per inch then you get from the traditional media.

    There is no doubt about that, and not just in reference to the post you note. I'm pleased you're here.

  4. Happy Blogiversary Graybeard! I for one thoroughly enjoy your posts and visit just about every day. I hope one day to be as insightful and prolific as you - and yes, you beat the regular media by a long shot in insights per inch!

    Here's to many returns of the day.

    (And I wouldn't take that bet either!)

  5. Thank you all for some very nice comments. It's really sweet to get response like this from the folks I respect so much.

  6. Mrs. Graybeard said I should clarify that's not "sweet" as in "You brought me flowers? How sweet!"

    It's like when you clean a target and or see a really nice gun/car/plane/whatever and say, "swweeeet!".

  7. Well, I'm glad you cleared up that "really sweet" business, Graybeard. Good thing the Mrs. is keeping an eye on your writing or all of us readers might get the wrong ideas about you.

    It's sweet of the Mrs. to watch over you. Both ways so described.