Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tactical Yoga Pants

At SHOT show this week, 5.11 Tactical apparently announced what they call Raven Ranch Capri pants, but which the media is calling Tactical yoga pants.  My first reaction was to laugh.  "What a bunch of minxes!  What a lively sense of humor!"  (bonus points for recognizing the mangled quote...) 

My second reaction was to laugh. 

Then I thought, you know, with women being just about the fastest growing demographic in gun purchases, and every place I look women asking "how do I carry this darned thing?", maybe it's brilliance.  Young women seem reluctant to give up their carefully-considered style to dress around the gun.  You and I might get pants a size too big so we can use an IWB holster, but we're not 20-something studly guys (even if I'm only speaking for myself) and we're certainly not attractive young women (ditto about only speaking for myself).  It seems that young women don't want to "dress around the gun".  From what I can tell by reading, you understand. 
(image from 5.11 Tactical, via TFB).  The comments at the page on The Firearms Blog are pure gold, though. 


  1. Do you mind if we dance with your dates?

  2. There is nothing sexier than an already attractive lady practicing Open Carry.

  3. Reminds me of when I worked at San Diego PD. We had a fairly attractive young lady on our squad. When the Sgt. who ran the squad had us get together after work for a run, he asked me why I always hung back a ways instead of running up front with him, this gal, and a one of the others. I told him the view was better from my location. Spandex and yoga pants can be fine on the right hams.