Sunday, January 31, 2016


This weekend saw us travel to the NE Gulf Coast area of Florida, sometimes called the Big Bend area, for a memorial service for a family member.  A relationship that I don't know a name for, but an in-law on Mrs. Graybeard's side. 

Unfortunately, I didn't really know the gentleman, but I think he would have been a lot of fun.  His idea was to have everyone get together for a dinner and tell stories about their fun times or fond memories of times together.   He passed away a year ago yesterday, so his brother, sister and widow hosted the party on the first anniversary of his passing.  I think it allowed everyone's pain to subside so that the stories were more happy than sad, although there was plenty of dust in the room.

He competed on his college rifle team in the late 50s, loved fly fishing, wildlife photography, animals,  kids and had an impish sense of humor.  We would have gotten along just fine.  To give you an idea of his approach to life, he was cremated and his urn placed on the table with the guestbook.  We all had name tags, so there was one on his urn saying,
"Hi!  I'm <redacted> 
Thanks for coming 
Have a ball
Share good memories
Love you all!"
Which displays a wonderful attitude. 
A copy of one of his photos.  They called this bird Henry the Househawk. 

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