Monday, April 17, 2017

I Think I Have An Answer to my Info Bleg

Back in January, I did a totally self-serving post asking for help in learning about long range rifle shooting.  In the intervening few months, I've shot all three of the guns that I think of as contenders and I think I know the one to use going forward: my Savage Scout Rifle.  All of them shoot well on the ranges I've had access to (out to 200 yards), but the Savage has the best trigger.  It's not their "Accutrigger" (I think it predates that design), it's just a nice, light trigger.  At the moment, I can't measure it, but I think there might be something I can hack to do it.  The disadvantage to this platform is that it has the typical, low power scout rifle scope.  I believe it's a 2x; to these eyes, it feels like the only advantage over iron sights is that crosshairs are nicer.   On the other hand, it's basically a Savage model 10 so I'd imagine there are ways to put a more conventional scope on it.

Pardon the craptastic picture, but this is two of the Savage's four round magazines.  The only two I tried. 
That's a Caldwell target, 12" diameter.  The shot marked with a star is the Diminutive But Deadly one's only shot.  My best group is probably around an inch to 1-1/2" in diameter.  (mumble..mumble, each hole is. 0.3 in diameter, looks like another shot could fit between each two, call it 0.9", right angles triangle...1-1/4"on the long side...0.6 MOA...maybe loosen all those numbers a bit)

If the spring runs as the winter did (that is, warmer and drier than average), we have no more than six weeks and probably four of what I consider our best time of the year to be outdoors and getting to the ranges, so I probably won't get many more chances to work on things.  Still, this leaves me with a better starting point for next season - along with whatever reading and mods I do.  The high today was around 80 or 82.  Frequently, by mid-May (four weeks) that number goes up to the lower 90s.  I may have remarked here that the seasons in Florida are opposite of the rest of the nation.  Most of you put up with winter to get a great spring through fall; we put up with summer (and a half on each end) to get a better winter.  Most of you are having April showers: this is our dry season before the summer monsoon season starts.


  1. RE: Scopes: Burris makes a 2-7X EER scope with a 32MM objective, Nikon has a 2.5-8X with a 28MM objective, have one of each (the Burris is on a Savage Model 10 Scout - like yours - and the Nikon is on a Ruger GSR). It's a tossup as to which is better, but the Nikon has BDC (I think the new Burris does, too now). Nikon also has a 2-20X EER, but I've not seen one.

    Pro tip: Make sure your Savage barrel is fully floated, and there's benefit to be had by glass-bedding the action (even with the Savage's synthetic stock) and using a torque wrench on the action retaining bolts to make sure tension is equal. Other than that, it'll never be a < 1 MOA rifle, but 1.5 - < 2.0 MOA works quite well for what the rifle is out to about 350 meters. Beyond that, or for greater accuracy requirements, you'll need to switch to a different projectile dispensing tool, but that'll mean a more cumbersome rifle (and more expensive) than a Scout configuration. The Scouts - both the Savage and the Ruger, in my experience - are really <350M rifles in a practical sense.

    RE: Florida weather. Between late Feb. and early Dec. I used defogging solutions on my shooting glasses, and added a 100ft extension cord and a 16" stand fan to the range kit. Here, I do that now only between July 15 and Labor Day, and while I miss Jan and Feb in FL I do not miss the other 10.

    Pro tip: Take along a multi-plug outlet. Once other shooters discover you always have an extension cord they'll want to connect to it.

    2nd Pro tip: When they do, make friends with the guy who brings along a 42" drum fan and shoot next to him.....

    1. I'd like to compare notes on the Savage Scouts. Would you mind going to mail so I can send a picture or two?

      The rifle has a ring rear site that's rather adjustable, and I think it's mounted where a longer top rail could be mounted. If the iron sights were usable, I could see keeping it, but the forward-mounted scope blocks it. I'm thinking of removing that rail/scope and that rear sight so I can swap to a longer rail and a higher power Nikon Monarch from another rifle.

  2. What are you trying to accomplish?
    Bragging rights or practical accuracy?
    Repeating 1.5 is plenty good for hunting or defense.

    1. Practical accuracy. I want to be sure in my mind that 1.5 isn't a random event. I want to be able to do that consistently.

      It's hard to care much less than I do about competition, except for competing with myself, so I don't really plan on competing in matches. I just want to be able to shoot better and more consistently.