Thursday, April 13, 2017

Just a Little Teaser

Any idea what that is?  

That's the barrel of my GB-22 test fit into the block that will hold it in place.  The holder isn't complete, so I'll pull the barrel out in the morning.  The only work that has to be done to it is to add four holes for 1/8" spring pins to hold it in the frame, and 3/16" slots along the middle of the top and bottom where it slides into the frame. It's part #2 in this graphic from Serbu Arms' Website.
Adaptive Curmudgeon said he loves it when I say things like this:  the barrel measured 0.368, so I thought a 3/8" (0.375) drill bit would be too big.  I was going to get a reamer in .373 (.005 oversized), but thought I'd measure my "best" 3/8 drill bit.  It was .370!  So I tried drilling out the holder, figuring that it might end up being a "test cut" that ruined the piece, and it came out more like 0.371 (it was still warm, so maybe I'll recheck it in the morning).  I'll eventually stake the barrel in place with either red LocTite or JB Weld.  I'm not sure if I'm going to cut it shorter and crown it.  Da bomb would be to cut it in two equal pieces, crown both and cut a chamber in the new half!

And not a single lesbian squirrel was even inconvenienced in the making of this post.


  1. Even if it ends up a little undersized for the hole, (struggling to keep a straight face) a light knurling would give you a bit of a press fit or you could add a roll pin. Any thoughts on threading the end of the barrel for a muzzle brake? The earth shattering kaboom of the .22 long rifle might otherwise be a bit much to handle. (I just lost the straight face battle and my wife has asked what I am laughing at)

    Another possible way to secure the two is soft soldering because the temperatures you will be dealing with on a single shot pistol will never get high enough to melt the solder.

    The make two idea has merit and crown the barrel in either choice.

    1. Half of my brain is going, "crowning? Crowning?!? In a single shot .22 that doesn't even really have sights? An oversized zip gun??"

      The other half of my brain is going, "good way to learn how to do it without ruining an expensive barrel, isn't it?"

      The debate continues.

      The relevant stuff is that the barrel is 5-1/4" long. The holder is 5.00 long. That's enough room to cut it in half and have both barrels trimmed to the length of the of holder, or between 1/16 and 1/8" longer.

  2. Hey Gray.

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  3. Given that it's a zip gun, I'm struggling to understand why the barrel is a separate piece. Why not just bore a hole in the rectangular block?

    1. Would you accept because I'd like it to be better than just a zip gun? It would be entertaining and gratifying it turns out to be a reasonable, though slow to use, target pistol.

    2. Not everything has to make sense.

  4. Okay, I'll buy that! It isn't clear whether the separate barrel was in the original design, or whether it was your feature. In either case, carry on! I'll be watching the progress on this one...

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