Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Best Laid Plans

I had a post planned for today and then started feeling really whupped.  The cats had me up at 3AM and then through the night.  Whupped enough so that I didn't dig far enough into the stuff I had planned to talk about.  Long time readers know that it happens now and then.

So... attempts at humor. 


"They see me meme-ing, they hating,  I know that they're thinking I'm so white n' nerdy


  1. I'm a 7mm rem mag man for the bow hunting I prefer using snares but occassionally get one of those damn elves

  2. 7.62x51 was ballistically obsolete before it was invented. 6.5 cartridges from before WWII have always outperformed it. It was designed to take advantage of existing barrel and projectile manufacturing while giving the US and NATO a slightly lighter and more efficient semi-auto main battle rifle cartridge that still started with a ".3". It will continue to be more popular that 6.5 Creedmore for as long as most western countries continue to use it as a service cartridge. Good enough to 500 M as to make no difference to the target, with no more actual work from a competent shooter.

  3. Yup, especially on that second one.