Thursday, December 16, 2021

Odds, Ends and "Best By" Date Approaching

Just an odd bunch of stuff.  Something that happens to me regularly, but may not happen to you is that I see a story in the news and say, "what planet is this and how did I get here?"  Like this one.  

From The Blaze:

Reality star Stephanie Matto, best known for her her stint on TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," is selling the results of her flatulence in jars at $500 a pop — and the item is apparently popular: Matto has reportedly made more than $100,000 over the last month alone selling her own personal aroma.

$100k in a month?  Can she turn that into $1.2 million in a year?  What planet is this...?  

Less bizarre, but still a WTF story that's also from The Blaze,  Massachusetts voters passed an "animal welfare" law that will effectively outlaw selling eggs in the state.  

In 2016, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly passed an animal treatment measure that, in part, made it illegal to sell eggs born of hens with less than 1.5 square feet of floor space in their enclosure.

A similar, well-meaning animal welfare law was passed in Florida in 2002 under our (stupid) constitutional amendment process that said pregnant pigs had to have more space.   In the years after it was passed, word got out that it affected two pigs in the entire state while raising costs of compliance for everyone.  In this Massachusetts case, the law also applies to eggs imported from out of state.  There aren't enough hens in Massachusetts to supply the demand for eggs, so the vast majority come from out of state.  Egg suppliers in other states will most likely ignore the law and sell their eggs into other states.  Egg industry representatives such as the New England Brown Egg Council are predicting that the new rules will decrease the state's current egg supply by approximately 90%.

Brad Mitchell, head of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau, told WCVB-TV that the new rules will make it impossible for egg producers to keep up with the state's demand since, on average, chickens lay one egg per day and each resident eats one egg per day.

"We've got about 300,000 to 400,000 egg-laying chickens in Massachusetts. We've got about 7 million people, so do the math," Mitchell explained.

News broke that the Fed is seeing a serious problem coming with the inflation they're creating and is looking to shut down the money printing faster ("tapering") and raise interest rates sooner.  This is another one of those policy ideas that you have to be a Ph.D. to be stupid enough to implement.  Like this:

(Meme from  It works a little better if you realize that line about 1 in 5 dollars being printed in the last year means 1 in 5 dollars that have ever existed were printed in the last year.

I got this ad in the email last week.  I was expecting a correction but never got one.  I wonder if they sold any.

Gee!  An $800 value for only $5000?  Sign me up!  A little research showed that they go for closer to the sale price, and are not ordinarily $799.99.

And finally... I'd probably have to hurt anyone who did this to me. 

Yeah, there would be enough clues that the steak wasn't real before I cut into it expecting steak and getting cake, but it's just wrong.  


  1. Massatwoshits didn't want to be outstupided by Kali and their "bacon law".

    1. Didn't Kali do something like this with eggs also,and Missouri or similar sued over it?

    2. Got me on that one. Wouldn't be surprised, but it's a full time job keeping up with all the crazy in Kali.

  2. Nasty shoe sets also bans eggs “imported” from other states. Hahahahahahahahaha!

    1. Brain fart here: the law also applies to eggs imported from other states. (Where’s my dang coffee?!)

  3. When crazies are your Leadership WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

    If you cannot grow your own food you BETTER have solid allies that CAN and DO.

    I am part owner of my neighbor's flock having put in time and money in her chickens feed and shelter needs. I am also her Predator Control as she isn't good at terminating pests. I also help process her chickens.

    If you THINK things are CRAZY NOW.. Wait until the EBT crowd cannot FEED themselves with that EBT Card stuffed FULL of Fake Dollars.

    The One Trick Donkeys (Looking at BOTH D's and R's here, Both Asses) in CONgress (spelling intentional) can make MOAR Fake Money but not one single loaf of Bread to Buy with it.

    AND you can bet your last Loaf of Bread (as Dollars will be less useful than Toilet Paper) that the Powers that Be will use MAX Propaganda to Re-direct the EBT crowd RAGE at Us "Deplorable, Horders, Unwashed-Unvaxxed" and such.

    When a Mob shows up nobody is so Bad*ss enough to stand off the Molotov's and keep their homes from being burnt. Have trusted friends to rally point around or be a Refugee. Not a good plan to be a Refugee depending on the KINDNESS of Strangers.

    Short US Dollars, Long Gardens and Trusted Friends.

  4. Then there were the Gwyneth Paltrow candles...

  5. ok, love me steaks.. but chocolate cake is the 2nd food group after meat so I can tolerate this prank

    1. Unless you toss it into a pan to fry it!

  6. Craptastically bad layout editing...I'm assuming it's the spindle kit that's the $799.99 value.

    So the printer has a nominal $800 additional item, yet is "on sale" for $1K less?
    Just shows consumers how much mark-up slop is available to play with, and still make a profit.
    Most of us call that the "Manager's Special", because at the end of the day, he's always happy to sell you those at that price.