Saturday, March 15, 2014

If I Had This When I Was a Kid

I would have never left the house:

I clearly remember taking one of mom and dad's chairs, laying the back on the floor and pretending I was in a Gemini capsule. But LEDs hadn't even been invented in those days, and I sure wasn't capable of doing any of this stuff. 

My nominee for Dad of the Year.


Mark Jewell said...

That is so badass!

drjim said...

That's one lucky little boy!

Anonymous said...

My ham shack should be one tenth that neat.
Neat as in cool AND neat as in orderly.

Stefan v said...

G'day SG,

I'm studying reloading for academic interest and remembered you were setting up a bench and had asked for info...and when I came across this link:

...I thought of you. Hope it's of help!

Best Regards,


Graybeard said...

Stefan - Thanks! Looking that over right now.

kfg said...

We had butterfly chairs. They made the most coolest Mercury capsules ever.