Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'd Have A Grumpy Going On

... if it weren't for the highlight of the day.  Got the smoker running later than usual, after 9:30, but we only had a 5 pound pork butt and a couple of chickens to smoke, so I knew it wouldn't take too long. 
The view at 5 this afternoon.  The Masterbuilt electric smoker holds temperature very well, and allows better control of the temperature in the pork butt than I ever got with my wood-fired smoker and yet still gets a good bark on the pork. 

If a good barbecue doesn't make you feel better about life in general, than you and I can no longer be friends, m'kay? 


  1. would you buy that unit again? gotta get my honey a good one.


    ps: congrats on yer 4th. stick around pls.

  2. Nothing like pork butt therapy.

    Yep, those Masterbuilts are great, and I've found recently that they hold temp well even when 20 degrees out and windy.

    Can get a sidecar cold-smoker attachment too. Don't bother with the windowed units...after a couple hours, you won't be able to see through it anyhow.

    Bill in VA

  3. CA, I absolutely would buy another.

    I have the solid door analog smoker, not the digitally programmable one. As a bonus, it's their cheapest model. It has a thermometer in the door to see chamber temperature, and thermostat on the burner control. Plus, I have a couple of electronic meat thermometers that I used with my wood-fired smoker and they tell me the temperature in the meat being smoked.

    And ditto what Bill said about the glass doors. The door gets coated with thick smoke in one session. I bet it's as useful as a solid door after one 8 hour smoking session.

    I don't get 20s here, but my wood-fired smoker was hard to keep at the right temperature when it was in the 60s. This one is really easy to keep in the right temperature zone.

  4. One of my favorite comics as a kid was 'Zippy the Pinhead'. Sometimes the whole comic was Zippy repeating a phrase that was either odd or became odd-sounding when it was repeated.
    Electric smoker.
    Electric smoker.
    Electric smoker.
    I'm thinking of either throwing chunks of wood into my oven, or a house fire.

  5. Anon - I was reluctant to make the jump to the electric smoker, but it really works so much better than my wood-fired smoker that I haven't used the old one since I got this. The burner heats the air in the box and causes hickory chunks or chips to smoke like crazy. It comes out very well smoked, deep into the meat, with a good bark from the dry rub. Results as good as the wood fired one does with tons less work.