Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Enemy Within

You know that serious talk about "enemies, foreign and domestic".  One domestic enemy coming right up:

There's a lot of important stuff in there, but have some more overview:

And finally:

Hat tip to Glenn Beck and his network, GBTV,  both for doing it, and for making it available as free content.
In 1996, Louis Farrakhan embarked on a 20 nation tour of the Middle East and Africa. He met with some of the world’s most brutal dictators. He told the Iranian press, “God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.” In Iraq, he met with leaders who spoke of attacking the United States. In Libya, he met with his longtime friend Muammar Gaddafi and received the Gaddafi prize for human rights. He defended Gaddafi until his death. Farrakhan regularly preaches hate against the U.S. government, and he believes America will soon have to answer for her injustices. (emphasis added - SiGB)


  1. If the government wants to test NDAA, it should start with this creature. Or perhaps a drone strike would be more appropriate. He's certainly as bad as Al-Awlaki, maybe worse.

    If this sheisse is allowed to continue, America could end up like South Africa in a few more years, with reverse apartheid.

  2. what the heck is going on in the 1st video? it appears that someone to looneys' left - is yes masturbating @ the 3:12 to 3:25 mark

    i guess i shouldn't be surprised. must be some kind of muslim worship practice.

    1. Heh - I noticed that too. Pointed it out to my wife and said, "what's that guy doing?". She just said, "I don't want to know" and covered her eyes.