Thursday, February 7, 2013

Maybe We Can't Think Like Gun Grabbers

Joe Huffman at "The View From North Central Idaho" has an excellent post up on how the coming nastiness might unfold.  You should RTWT.  I especially noticed this part early in the post because it echoes what I talked about Monday:
About 10 years ago I was talking to someone from the CIA who managed a group of psychologists. He was explaining how difficult it was for people in the U.S., even in the intelligence community, to understand how our Muslim adversaries thought. He told me, “They think differently than we do. It’s even possible they think differently than we can think.”

It may be that we have the same sort of problem with the anti-gun people and they with us. After all, many of the things they say sounds like crazy talk to us. And they insist what we say is “crazy talk” as well.
It's why they call us stupid and crazy.  Things that are common sense to us, like that magazine capacities won't affect psychotic killers, are completely out of their way of thinking.  And things that are common sense to them, like "just give the robber what he wants and he'll leave you alone" are things we know to be so often untrue.  Like this 36 year old Miami mother who was robbed, gave up her purse and was shot in the face

To paraphrase Reagan, "It's not that they're ignorant, it's that what they that know isn't so".

But that's not really what the whole piece is about. Boots on the Ground is about how an American civil war 2 or revolution 2 might play out - whatever you call it.


  1. Thanks for the links and kind words!

  2. Ted Bundy's victims gave him what he wanted; how did that work out for them?

    1. Yeah - excellent point. It's not a really safe or smart strategy.