Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rest of the People Are Starting to Notice

Michael Bane's Podcast this week draws on a couple of articles that focus on what seems to be the growing momentum to civil disturbance on levels no living American has seen.  If not outright, open war.

In PJ Media, commentator Paul Hsieh writes, "Would New Gun Laws Strike Widespread Civil Disobedience?"  You should read the whole thing (RTWT).  He starts with
1)  The strongest advocates of each side hold fundamentally irreconcilable positions.
2)  Ordinary Americans have declared their willingness to disobey the law.
3)  Local law enforcement officials and state governments have also vowed civil disobedience.
... During Obama’s first term, many on the Left who were frustrated by their inability to fully impose their political agendas repeatedly invoked the mantra that America was “ungovernable.” If the president’s gun-control proposals become law, they haven’t seen anything yet.
He's right.  There is no possible agreement between "civilians should not be allowed to own an assault rifle", or the blunter, "weapons of war don't belong on our streets" and the modern, post-Heller interpretation of "shall not be infringed". 

In American Thinker, Neil Snyder writes "President Obama has set in motion forces he can't handle".  Again, RTWT.  While not about the gun argument per se, it focuses on how divisive the "community organizer in chief is", how good he is at setting neighbor against neighbor.
President Obama has done one thing superbly well: he has demonstrated skill par excellence on a national scale as a community organizer. He is second to none when it comes to inciting, agitating, race baiting, stoking fears, and motivating the masses. If you discount voter fraud, more than anything else, those skills got him re-elected. But like a snowball gathering momentum as it rolls down a hill, the forces that he has unleashed will be impossible to stop without pain and suffering.
 All in all, they are sobering, as was the podcast.  It's no longer just us nutty bloggers that are seeing the tide moving.  Keep on prepping.


  1. As one who when a young boy tested the strength and limits of the playground swings I recognize that Gravity is a bitch and when you push a pendulum too far in one direction it comes back in the opposite direction with a vengence. But I do not advocate for violence but rather that everyone who disagrees with this bold naked grab for our constitutional civil rights take legal actions. The politicians have exposed themselves for who they are. They hid for years but they have stood up across the nation thinking they had the power to push this down our throat. Now we need to go after everyone of them. Push for a recall election, impeachement, ethics investigation, expose their personal and professionall wrongdoing, show up at public meeting to challenge them (politely), give them no rest and no place to hide. Create more days of resistance, more public rallys, make it rain public demonstrations of resistance, but keep it polite. The left has a history of infiltrating demonstrations and causing trouble to taint those who would oppose them. So bring cameras, assign people to only film the event and any attacks or subtrafuge by the left. Perhaps even a person or two to stand back from the group to keep track of agitators and follow them to lead to identifying them and their cohorts. I can assure you if there is a demonstration against the left they will send in the clowns to discredit the demonstrators. We have to be smarter then them.

  2. They are also hard at work brainwashing the people who will be the other side's sword.

    West Point is teaching officers that constitutionalists are terrorists ( and recently have been training in US cities. DHS has been doing that for awhile and is using targets meant to desensitize (

    Considering how visible their gun legislation efforts are (this is a government known for its secrecy) it appears that the new comintern is adopting a divide and conquer strategy. If the military cannot win in Afganistan or Iraq then they cannot win here. The two sides shoot it out and millions die, the last of the economy dies off as a result, then the country is ripe for a third party to come in and take over.