Thursday, September 25, 2014

For the First Time in Eric Holder's Tenure

He makes a correct decision.  If it was his decision. 

Good riddance, pathetic scumbag. 

There appear to be two lines of thought on his resignation.  One is that he was planning to retire after the midterms and is going now so that his replacement (who is guaranteed to be just as awful) can get through the senate while Harry Reid is still running it.  The thinking is that if the Stupid party takes the senate, as some are suggesting, the inevitably doctrinaire racist-communist appointees will be blocked.  The other main thought was that this was caused by a need to get Place Holder under the bus, perhaps due to the decision denying the DOJ's request to keep stonewalling the papers on fast and furious.  The longtime rules of engagement for the Ruling Class in Washington is that once you're out of the city, they don't come after you.

While I'm sure we're not getting anything good out of this, it's still good to see him leave. 


  1. Don't dance in the streets yet.....there has been scuttlebutt floating about that Holder is resigning so that Obama can nominate him for a high level judicial appointment.

  2. I think he left office now to give it time for all his crimes to become public and then Obama would be able to pardon him. If Holder stayed until Obama left he wouldn't get a pardon.

  3. Pathetic scumbag? You are too kind.

  4. "Pathetic scumbag? You are too kind.

    Yeah, I toned it down. I could have done a full paragraph of insults and rage. Then I would have had to clean the spittle off my monitor.

  5. My bro-in-law, a very intelligent man with lots of connected friends, NOT a buffoon, told me that his friends have taken to discussing the possibility that Holder retired so he will be available for Obama to appoint him to the Supreme Court if Repubs take the Senate in Nov. He could still be approved by the Senate in a lame duck session and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on the knife edge of going tits up anyway-- should be easy to nudge her out no matter what she says now.
    Seems entirely possible to me.