Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lava Fountains Taller than the Statue of Libery

The Bardarbunga volcano made headlines about a month ago for starting to erupt under ice fields.  The website RUV notes that Bardarbunga has created a lava field 11-12 square kilometers in size, containing erupting fountains of lava which have been measured at 130 meters high - 427 feet high. The Statue of Liberty's torch is 305 feet above the ground. 
"We returned to the fissure early this morning and saw considerable volcanic activity at around 7 AM," says Dr. Hoskuldsson. He and other scientists spent the night at a mountain hut nearby, after an evacuation was ordered yesterday when volcanic tremor was detected in the area, leading to fears that a subglacial eruption was imminent. "The main craters are now very active and the lava fountains from them rise up to 120 - 130 meter height," he says.
 A commenter at Ice Age Now said,
At the moment this eruption alone is pouring out more SO2 than the whole world’s human production.

I saw some Iceland Met office figures a day or so ago. 80%+ of the emissions are H20. 15% CO2 and 5% SO2 + assorted.  If the fluorine count increases this will be a real worry.

There are some reports that the Laki fissure eruptions of the 18th century had lava fountains over a kilometer high.

I'm impressed that one volcano gives off more sulfur dioxide than the entire human race.  So far, this is considered a small eruption.  But remember: your SUV, or the exhaust from your lawnmower, or from your outboard motor, are a threat to the planet.


  1. There is a perfect storm of preparing children from pre-school through college to accept the meme that we are destroying the planet. Other complimentary memes of victimhood vs oppressor to divide us and make us willing sheep for activists. All of this ties into the effort to change this country to a Marxist/socialist form of government. Most left wing activist groups regularly get marching orders from communist countries from their mouth directly to the ear of their fellow travelers in the U.S. If you watched Sesame street (and many other childrens programs) as a kid or let your children watch it you got a constant barrage of left wing propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels green with envy. The result is today if you are between 6 and 45 you probably lean left and probably believe humans are destroying the planet and you probably will acquiesce to higher taxes, lower standard of living, giving up rights and allowing the UN to govern us all. You have had it ingrained in your subconscious that you and others like you are at fault and now you must sacrifice and give up some of the things you enjoy like heat and food and a job. One other significant factor is that this sacrifice must be forced upon those who are worse then you (the reason we divided everyone into opposing groups don'tcha know) so while you must give something up you at least have the satisfaction of voting to force others to give even more up. Isn't democracy great. Someone once said that democracy was two wolves voting to eat a sheep in a 2 to 1 election. We aren't eating the sheeple yet but that may come yet.

  2. But remember: your SUV, or the exhaust from your lawnmower, or from your outboard motor, are a threat to the planet.

    ------as well as my fricking asthma inhaler that they had to change the accelerant to a non-ozone depleting type, so that it doesn't work and I'm still gasping for breath.
    But hey, less CO2 I'm emitting.


  3. Somebody needs to regulate this thing.