Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Few More Trouble Tree Seeds

In the comments to yesterday's post on the coming troubles, most people went down the good cop/bad cop rabbit hole.  Yeah, I'm the one who brought up the subject, but that wasn't my emphasis.  Liberty's Torch put up a good post on the Cop Conundrum today, covering some of the biggest questions.  My point was in the last major paragraph (where conclusions are usually found):
So I ask you: how is this indoctrination of ISIS children different than the indoctrination by Al Sharpton, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, and the others who trained generations of black Americans to believe the police want them dead?   
In the case of the race-baiters like Sharpton; the communists like Alinsky, and Davis; or the community dis-organizers/destroyers like Obama, Holder, and even as high in the White House as Valerie Jarret herself, we see behavior deliberately aimed at isolating a group as "others" with all the potential for horrific acts that comes with assigning "otherness" (which seems to be a historical precursor to genocides).  To these people, the others are the police, but when the argument is that police are racist it adds another element to the story.  Sharpton's charge assumes all police are white, or at least that they hate blacks.  It's nothing less than trying to start a hot race war in this country.

I know there are those, including Francis Porretto at Liberty's Torch, who look at the patterns of black on white crime in the country and say the race war has actually started.   (Francis, I don't mean to put words in your mouth; it's just how I read you.)  I know many have warned about being perhaps a bit more aware while out in public.  There's no way you can stay more than 50 feet from everyone while you're out Christmas shopping or in the crowd watching tonight's possum drop, so since you can't have that element of time, you need to get as much advanced warning as you can.  Crank up that situational awareness level.

But, again, that's not the only thing to be aware of and watching.  Just as the US left is depicting all of us as "others", so is ISIS in the way they're indoctrinating their followers.  There is a possibility that ISIS, who is already in the US, could mount some sort of attack here.  Buck Sexton, National Security Editor from the Blaze and sitting in as anchor on Glenn Beck's program, presented a list of the top 10 threats to the US in 2015, as developed by the Council of Foreign Relations.  Not that I particularly trust the CFR, but their list is:
  1. The intensification of the conflict in Iraq
  2. A large-scale attack on the U.S. homeland or ally
  3. A cyberattack on U.S. critical infrastructure
  4. A severe North Korean crisis
  5. The renewed threat of Israeli military strikes against Iran
  6. An armed confrontation in the South China Sea
  7. The escalation of the Syrian civil war
  8. Rising violence and instability in Afghanistan
  9. Increased fighting in eastern Ukraine
  10. Heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions
Inspire, the English language e-zine from Al Qaeda has been advocating more lone wolf attacks, including on airliners.  Lone wolf attacks, like the hatchet attack on NY city police officers a few weeks ago, the attack on the Canadian parliament, or the Sydney Lindt Chocolate shop, now seem to be what they're calling for.  Presumably, this means that they've found they're unable to plan larger operations and can only mount smaller ones.  
There's a balance between situational awareness, which can appear to be paranoia, and having too much paranoia, but I think we're entering a particularly dangerous time in recent history.  Our enemies realize the we're under weak leadership and that this is a good time to do whatever they want.  Add in the fact that those idiot voters didn't give Obama a congressional majority but elected the Stupid party, and there's additional displeasure at home, too.  I'll conclude with something Michael Bane posted, in that entry I referred you to yesterday:
I think many of Obama's most ardent followers thought for sure that by Year 6 we'd be in the Workers' Paradise, with Obamaphones and caviar for everyone...except those of us working to pay for it all, of course. Our role would be to "check our privilege," shut up and keep paying taxes.

And now those most ardent followers, especially the media, for who the phrase useful idiots seems to be tailor-made, are really really pissed off. No Obamaphones! No social justice! The narrative is failing! For the media sycophants, the race hustlers, the hate America Faux revolutionaries, that dacha by the sea is fading away as we speak.
In his 1938 text The Anatomy of Revolution (you've read it, right?) Crane Brinton noted that the revolutionary "moment" occurs not at at the lowest ebb of a culture, but rather when rising expectations are thwarted. Progressives rode the rising expectation of "fundamental change" right up until they ran smack into the American exceptionalism. Despite what one might read from the pampered elites at Brandeis University -- "Amerikka needs an intifada...enough is enough" -- the proletariat are not rising up in support of the progressive agenda. Quite the opposite.

With professional "protesters" fueled by a sense of rage over lost opportunities and missing Obamaphones, enabled by a 24-hour news cycle controlled by our blood enemies and given tacit approval by our supposed leaders, we potentially face a level of violence not seen since the 1960s. And that's not even counting the increased threat from those other fascists for the Middle East!
One of the hostages who escaped from the Lindt Cafe - I've never seen her identified.


  1. For some time I have been convinced that the internal racial 2nd civil war is both inevitable and just around the corner.

    BTW - I too am a graybeard engineer approaching retirement and for the last decade have been primarily working in threat analysis and response planning for various tactical situations.

    I have run TA's on this subject for myself several times a year for the last several years. Depending on external events and natural (i.e. non planned/controlled crisis - hurricane, earthquake etc)
    most TAs indicate tipping point between summer 2015 and 1st quarter 2017.

    However, very recently I have been re-examining several initial conditions and goal conditions (one of the most critical inputs to a Threat Analysis and also to planning response is to understand the goal of the threat)
    and I believe that many may be missing the "goal behind the greed" ( a term we use for understanding longer term and less obvious goals obscured by
    what appear to be the obvious "1st order" goals - often simple greed). Intelligent people are quite well aware of who will win a simple B vs W race war.
    So who benefits. I have become convinced that it is this regime's method of reaching one of its longest held and earliest proclaimed goals of a civilian FEDERAL police force comparably armed and as powerful as the current Armed Forces.

    The near geometric growth in size and power of Homeland Security is a good start. Now what is necessary is to federalize all police and get rid of troubling and powerful local authorities like Sheriffs( look closely at how independent county Sheriffs can be if needed).
    A racial conflict requiring strong coordinated action by a Federal agency will go a LONG way to accomplishing that.

  2. SiG, I'm going to comment on your concern about ISIS. Obviously, I may be misconstruing your intent, but I think what ISIS is teaching muslim children by example is pretty much moot.

    Islam itself teaches it. Madrases the world over teach their young males (and muslim parents obviously teach their children - recall the many photos of toddlers wearing mock suicide vests) that _everyone else_ is different - if they are not adherents of Islam. Or even the right brand of Islam.

    The example of ISIS is that, given free reign, Islam can return to the bloody days of war brides, sexual slavery, torture, beheadings, burning of live victims, the killing of innocent children, and all the other teachings of Mo-pork-ed, the child molesting creator of the world's most diseased and abhorrent pseudo-religion.

    ISIS is proving that Islam can return to its 7th Century roots, and refuse to accept that the world has moved on from that era. I think the only difference is that they are teaching young muslim males (I can't call them men) that they don't have to wait for their 72 virgins, they can have "war brides"/sexual slaves now, if they are willing to kill Christians, behead children, torture and burn Sunnis or whoever else they wish to destroy. I imagine that makes joining their ranks pretty popular right now.

  3. I don't disagree about the violence and almost subhuman actions of ISIS. But do not forget that Saddam did the same things to his onw people and worse, much worse. He did this day after day, month after month and year after year throughout his long reign. Iran does it, Saudi Arabia does it, Syria did it. It isn't new, maybe a little more blatant and attention seeking but not new.
    There is no compromise or possibility of sharing this world with Islam. I know that sounds prejudice but it is not it is reality. There will/must be the big fight/war sooner or later. The only question is will it happen before they get nukes or after? Will we understand it in time to prepare or will it be Pearl Harbor/911 again? Will it begin here, maybe in NY City or Tel Aviv?

  4. Interesting post.

    While I largely agree with it, I would like to point out that in the "15 threats to the US" list only 2 or maybe 3 are actual threats to the territory of the United States.

    If we consider the United States as the Corporate/Military Neocolonial Empire that it seems to have become then the CFR is absolutely correct.

    I don't think that it is a coincidence the CFR had a huge hand in making us exactly that.