Sunday, September 12, 2021

This Week's Update on the 1 by 1 - part 8

My progress on cutting the crankshaft I talked about last week can best be summed up like this:





That's right; nothing.  I didn't go backwards, so there's that to be thankful for, but my shop-made lathe dog wasn't up to the job.  It bent too easily, which was obvious from the start, and when the lathe pushes on the dog, it just folds up and collapses.  I tried reinforcing it with a little printed piece of plastic that would hold the bar and fit snugly in the dog, like this:

That just tore apart when the metal pressed on it. 

I ended last week by saying, "Within a few days, I'll know if it held up to the stresses of making this crankshaft."  Within a few days I knew it wouldn't hold up.

As some cartoon character used to say, "back to the old drawing board."  In this case, ordering something  made by someone who knows what they're doing.  My main reason for going down the road of the shop-made tool was that it was a long weekend and I assumed I'd be unable to get any work done for a week.   

So off to Little Machine Shop (no connection; they're just the place I bought the lathe from, and lots of other stuff) to get a faceplate and a couple of their lathe dogs, just not the complete set.  I ordered them on Thursday; they were promised Monday (tomorrow) and arrived early Saturday.  


  1. See the video Making a Lathe Dog by Russtuff on YouTube.

    1. I watched some of the other videos, like:
      and another couple I can't think of. The what and how aren't particularly slowing me down, I just don't have any scrap lying around that's big enough to make one.

    2. SIG,
      One video is about making a lathe dog. The other video is about a Russian band that covers Chicago.
      They are an excellent Chicago cover band.

    3. !?! Oops. Sorry about that.
      The Physics Anonymous video on making a lathe dog is:
      There are some people who don't weld the tail, but attach it with some screws. I'd probably have to do that since I don't weld.

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