Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As 9/11 Approaches

There is a handful of days that you will always remember where you were and what you were doing.  For me, those include the day John F. Kennedy was killed, the first moon landing, the days we lost space shuttles Challenger and Columbia, and 9-11.  On that Tuesday morning, I was out of the office at a company whom we contract with to do some testing on our radios.  As the technician and I were setting up the test, the company's secretary/receptionist came in and said the radio had a bulletin that an airplane had hit the World Trade Center.  My first reaction, perhaps strangely, was that radio navigation systems can't be that wrong, it must be a terrible sequence of accidents.  Act of war did not enter my mind.  As the morning went on, a TV set was put in place and large antenna hooked up outside (there are no local TV channels).  We watched and quickly realized this was no accident. That's when the thoughts of Pearl Harbor and other acts of war started.

While I don't buy the conspiracy theories, I think the way we've acted since the attacks is yet another sign of a defective government.  Terrorism isn't a crime that warrants a police action, it is an act of war that requires that kind of response.  Terrorism isn't something you can have a war with; it's a tactic of unsymmetrical warfare.  With few exceptions, we've fought as if we're afraid to win.  Afraid we'll be called "racist" by the world press.  We tie our soldiers' hands behind their back with RoE stricter than our police forces use, get them murdered by their in-country contacts, and instruct them not to fart so that they don't offend the Muslims.  

It amazes me that kids entering college probably can't remember a time when we weren't at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg is a douche bag.  For both his Mayors Against Illegal Guns crap and the way he's treating the 9/11 Anniversary services.  I will do my best to not spend another penny in his city, until he's gone. 
From Lisa Benson at Townhall

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