Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fed to Announce Next QE Tomorrow

The Fed is scheduled to announce the still-secret results of their FOMC meeting tomorrow.  I join Zerohedge (quoting Pimco, the 800 pound gorilla of the bond world) and the others who think they have no alternative in predicting the next round of money creation.  I've been blowing this horn since last April, and it still looks inevitable to me.

They won't call it QE3.  The phrase "Liquidity Injection" was used last week to cover some of the bailout funding the Fed is doing for Europe - they may use that term. 

I'll just call it QE666  Next major milestone will be one of the European basket cases collapsing: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, even France. Remember, if the Euro collapses, the EU is done. 

There is no limit to how miserable the bureaucrats will make ordinary people in their determination to keep the "one world" dream alive. 


  1. Rick Perry is loading up his carry piece right now. I hope that he gives Bernacke a running start ...

  2. Nice off-the-cliff dump in stocks late Wed PM
    ("Tomorrow" by this post)