Saturday, September 10, 2011

Extended Quote of the Day

Concerned American over at Western Rifle Shooter's Association links to a powerful post by Gerard Vanderleun at American Digest.  But the extended QoTD belongs to commenter Dedicated_Dad:
(... about half deleted...)

At this moment, all I can see in my head is that picture of the dirty, barefoot, stone-age tribesman in his cave, saying “… and THEN the TSA cups their balls, like THIS…”

What our DOMESTIC enemies have done to us enrages me FAR, FAR more than the acts of the foreign ones.

That I cannot get on a G-d-damned AIRPLANE without submitting to a sexual assault, EVEN THOUGH THE WORTHLESS BASTARDS HAVEN’T STOPPED A SINGLE BAD-GUY – NOT A SINGLE FRIGGING ONE , in TEN FRIGGING YEARS – makes me see frigging RED!

And that the pussies who SURROUND me have put into power a worthless turd who proclaims ME — !!*ME*!! — a “terrorist” BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN OUR FOUNDERS’ REPUBLIC AND QUOTE THEM TO EXPLAIN WHY?

It makes me long for the sort of PURGE that THEIR fellow-travellers are famous for! It makes me want to see them swinging from lamp-posts, feet kicking out the last futile gasps of their verminous existence. It makes me want to see them squirm like the filthy insects they really are, after catching a blast from the RAID can.

And it makes me SICK to think that I am capable of such thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong – I hate the musloid pestilence too, but THAT hate is the sort I’d feel for a rabid animal who’d threatened my family. I’d gladly kill it – but I wouldn’t feel GOOD about it, it would just be and unpleasant DUTY. Part of being a MAN.

No – the DOMESTIC enemies are an especially vile sort – a virulent cancer eating away at everything good, sucking the very LIFE out of the greatest nation ever blessed to inhabit G-d’s Earth – and doing it DELIBERATELY! – WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT! They’ve reduced the greatest people in the world to shuffling cattle, chewing their cud as they docilely wait their turn in the squeeze-chute.

“…And THEN the TSA cups their balls, like THIS…”

I’ve just decided that I’ll be spending Sunday at the range…
I will just add to this:
"... and THEN the TSA puts their hands into their wife's clothes, and then goes and puts their hands on their little daughter's crotch"


  1. When I awoke ten years ago to see the second plane hitting the tower, and it was obviously an act of terrorism, I thought to myself: Here come the calls for greater security measures.

    And I thought to myself: The best that America and Americans can do, is to shrug this off. Not let it destroy what being American is supposed to mean. Not to surrender our liberties for the promise of security. Yes, prepare ourselves to face the enemy, but not to cry out to be protected by someone else.

    Reacting to such an attack by locking down the country, and ratcheting up the paranoia, is to reward the attackers. Giving them anything (other than a swift defensive counterattack) in exchange for the attack is a form of capitulation.

    I realized my opinion would be unpopular. I realized that the vast majority want to be "safe" rather than "free". Well, guess what? They're a bit less of both.

  2. Pretty much says it..Us vs Us

  3. BS - very well said. I have to admit that I originally thought the whole idea of nuking Afghanistan was fine, and was not opposed to the Afghan/Iraq wars. I didn't think of the draconian state we were constructing. I wasn't awake until much later.

    I saw somewhere that of thousands of sneak and peak searches done under the Patriot act, less than 20 were terrorism related. The vast majority were for drugs. And, as the QoTD points out, not one single terrorist has been nabbed by TSA. After the underwear bomber was taken out by passengers, Napolitano famously said, "the system worked". It worked in the sense of not working at all, not even remotely. If he was competent, the plane would have gone down. Since he wasn't, passengers took him out.

  4. That is one of the main goals of the terrorists - to cause the targeted government to overreact, and make life more oppressive for the citizens of the target country. Obviously it works like a charm.

    A conspiracy theorist would suggest that perhaps these terrorist attacks are indeed known ahead of time, but are permitted to happen so that our government will have an "excuse" for making more oppressive and draconian inroads upon our liberties. When you think of the "Underwear Bomber", who was known to our Homeland Security apparatus before he even got on the plane (having been turned in by his own father), it lends a bit of credence to the notion, doesn't it? Although a good bit of that - as well as 9/11 - is more likely due to incompetence, arrogance, and an unwillingness to do the job they were hired to do on the part of our security agencies. Shows how much security we have received for giving up our essential liberty, doesn't it?

    I have been saying for years now that anyone who claims to be for liberty yet allows their wife, daughter, mother, or girlfriend to be physically groped by either dikes or pederasts wearing TSA clothing need to admit their sheep-hood. Bad enough they accept having their own balls cupped by TSA, but to stand there and allow some TSA flunky to grope their six-year-old daughter is cowardice of the highest degree. Simply for the convenience of getting somewhere more quickly and easily.

    Since I have no hope of any real changes in 2012 (Jan 2013), I think range time is the most bang for your buck. It relieves a little stress, as you can imagine the face of your favorite politician on your target, and it will better prepare you for what I am afraid is yet to come. And is long overdue.

  5. Well, I avoid buying conspiracy theories, but then, we have small-scale ones like Fast and Furious/Gunrunner, don't we?

    But yes, it does seem that some always find a way to benefit from tragedy, doesn't it?

  6. Dang... that should have read "but then, we have small-scale actual conspiracies like Fast and Furious/Gunrunner"

  7. SGB: I'm honored! Thanks!

    Someday I'll learn to delete half of MY OWN ramblings - until then, never hesitate! ;-)

    BS Footprint: converted your first post in the deleted part - linked in SGB'S BLOG-post...

    I've only flown once since this crap started, and that was alone. I've REFUSED to travel with Wifey, though I DID tell her I'd go if we went separately, because if I had to watch them grope her &/or my young-adult daughters I'd end up in prison.

    I'm REALLY not much on Alex Jones, but... Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while... Look into his bits about the panty-bomber. He has SWORN AFFIDAVITS from MULTIPLE people who witnessed what appeared to be a US agent walk the scum past security & "pull rank"/flash a badge or equivalent ID to get him on the plane with no passport or ID! Further, there was another guy on the plane taking video of the bomber BEFORE/During his failed attempt, & bomb-dogs alerted to him & his baggage!

    All this was pointed out by affiants to FBI during debrief, they were ignored/brushed off!

    There's more, too!

    I'm no Troofer, like I said I don't like Jones - but this one REALLY stinks!