Monday, September 19, 2011

A Meme I'm Down With

I saw it at Sean's and he got it from Larry; it's list of the top 5 guns you want with the one you want most as #1.
  1. Savage Scout FCM in .308
  2. XDm in .45 ACP or the XD Compact in .45 - the XD is probably a better carry gun.
  3. Savage Palma bench rest rifle, probably in .308 (this one)
  4. Wilson Combat 1911 - I've never shopped models, as they're way out of my price class - but this one will do. 
  5. A nice .22 LR Revolver - probably this one from S&W.  Or the new Ruger if it turns out to be a good one.
To be honest, I'd love a Barret 50 cal, but there isn't a range over 600 yards in the state - that I know of - and 600 yards is probably where the 50 is just coming into its own. Full auto?  Only shot a few, one day.  Of those, I think I'd take an Uzi. 


  1. Why yes there is. The Manatee Gun and Archery Club in Myakka City has a 1000 yard range.We shoot alot at 575 yards but can reach out and touch at 1K. I believe it is the only 1000 yard range in the southeast.


  2. Will - Cool to know that! Is that the range where Appleseed holds clinics? How would someone from the other side of the state use that range?

    The down side is that it's about 3 hours away, so it's definitely a weekend overnight trip, but a lot closer than any other one I've heard of.

  3. 1) Barrett Light Fifty - it was only $2500 when it first came out, and I wanted one then. Forget distance - it's all about penetration. Like JBT APC's, Level XII vests (yeah, they don't exist yet, but I'd be ready for them ;-), engine blocks, USPS mailboxes, or any other stuff that is normally considered "cover". API ammunition says it all.

    2) Shiloh Sharps in 45-110. The Quigley model will do nicely, thank you.

    3) A Wild West Alaskan Pilot break-down lever action in 457 WW Mag/45-70

    4) Kimber Desert Warrior .45

    5) And since ATF considers it a firearm, a Gemtech Blackside .45 suppressor for my G21 :-)