Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's Fun Fact

Fellow Florida gun blogger, Around O-Town Orlando Area Crime Report and Firearms Blog, talks about the number of concealed carry permits in the state.  The link in this piece is to Clayton Cramer's blog that shows the number of active concealed carry permits in the nation.  Florida leads:
Florida: 8/31/2011: 845,828 ordinary folks and 525 for judges
Interesting, but not the fun fact.

The fun fact is that less than 1/100 of 1% of the more than 2 million carry licenses issued in Florida have been revoked due to a gun crime, in the entire 24 year history of Florida licenses.

The state database shows that since the 1987 introduction of Concealed Weapon and Firearms Licenses in the state, 2,031,106 have been issued, while a mere 5,702 have been revoked for a crime after being issued a license.  That's 0.28%, call it one quarter of 1% of Florida concealed carry permit holders had their license pulled for committing a crime.  Furthermore, of those 5,702 licenses that have been revoked, only 168 have been revoked for a crime using a firearm.  That's .0083% - eight thousandths of one percent of those issued.  

It's hard to imagine a safer group to be associated with.

Every time any sort of incremental improvement in firearms law comes, anti-gun zealots shriek that concealed carry will lead to blood in the streets, or death battles over parking spaces - their imaginary fears that never come to pass.  Florida has been "Shall Issue" since 1987, and has a long history of how concealed carry holders behave.  We should all remember to show them that in almost a quarter of a century, less than 1/100th of one percent of the issued permits have been revoked because of criminal activity with a gun.  


  1. "Shriek" is right! The project their inner demons onto the rest of society and never fail to predict widespread murder n' mayhem.

  2. I think the term PSH, for panty sh*tting hysterics was invented for this.