Saturday, December 17, 2011


You'd think that after living in Florida since I was three, I'd know to always have sunscreen and a hat, but no....  Went fishing this morning, and stayed out longer than anticipated.  Sunburned arms, neck and head.  It's not quite the shortest day of the year - that's still four days away - but it's within seconds of that amount of daylight.  Only two or three hours in the sun did it. 

Silly little trout ... that bucktail is almost as big as you are.  Leave them alone - they're nothing but trouble.  (Of course I released it).


  1. Graybeard. You should never forget your fishing hat.

    That is a silly looking little trout? Seriously though, I'm not up on Floridian fish, what type is fish is that? Kind of looks like some type of bottome feeder to me. Bet I could take one on a fly.

  2. John, that's called a Sand Trout decent picture, a non-glamorous, smaller relative of the spotted seatrout (this is saltwater/brackish). They are mid-water feeders, but we usually catch them in the deeper holes in the winter. This day, they were hanging near the bottom in about 15', hitting slow moving jigs.

    As for the hat, I can't recall the last time I forgot it. Or sunscreen. I used to fish in an old white, long-sleeved dress shirt, putting it on by about 9 AM. No ties, though.

  3. Graybeard, I've not heard of the Sand Trout. Interesting to know about, and I'm certain a fly has been designed to entice them. I'm wondering if the fish is much of a fighter as its body somewhat reminds me of the scrappy Smallmouth Bass. Thanks for the quick tutorial.

    I've worn the same hat when fishing for the past 20 years. I've only neglected to bring it along one time. It's a bit worn, but serves its purpose well.