Friday, December 2, 2011

You Should Really Read...

Last night, I was going to say you should really read this post by Kevin at the Smallest Minority, and I was going to say to watch the video.  But Blogger was barfing last night and wouldn't let me post at all. 

You know what?  If you haven't read it, do so.  It's that important. 


  1. Thanks for the link, but I'm not so sure just how "important" my dystopic rant really is.

  2. An excellent article, and I must as strongly disagree with Borepatch as he does with Kevin. I think The Quiet Man is the closest to what we will see. Our children and grandchildren (if you are in your sixties like I am) and most of society are already use to the whip. Even those of us who prize our guns and our right to self-defense against tyranny are fairly impotent. If you haven't already read "Walter Mitty's Second Amendment" by Jeff Synder, Google and read it now.

    For every man that tells you he is raising his children to be different, to be better than that (and I know a number of men that actually are doing a great job), there are many thousands who don’t. Many thousands, nay, millions of children raised by the State in schools teaching Federally mandated revisionist history, gay and lesbian values, and a rejection of our Constitutional Republic and everything for whic America used to stand. [I actually have no problem with consenting adults doing what they wish together - in spite of the fact that such unnatural behavior would be self-destructive for the human race, since reproduction would then need to be sustained artificially - but teaching our children that it is acceptable and “normal” is criminal. Attempting to normalize sex with minors and children is not only wrong, the proponents of such need to be terminated with the most extreme prejudice. Painfully, in a long and drawn out manner.]

    We may well struggle along for a bit longer. We will see further oppression - such as the kind of legislation being considered by the Senate right now and supported by Republicans _and_ Democrats (2:1 R's to D's if I read that correctly). The government's grip upon us will certainly get tighter, and I do not believe whoever is elected in 2012 will make much difference (unless the Great Pretender is re-elected, then katy-bar-the-door).

    Some of us may flame out when the grip tightens. I understand some states - Florida and California? - are already doing checkpoints of personal vehicles for DUI, but are using them to do illegal searches and arresting for what they find that they don't like. That may well be my undoing, should I run afoul of it, and not because of alcohol or drugs, but simply because I will not willingly tolerate the loss of my right to be free from illegal search and seizure nor abrogation of my right to travel in my private vehicle. Think "neither predator nor prey", along with long distance precision .

    We are indeed facing "tough history", and while I am prepped for a total collapse, I think it will be a somewhat slower slide into the Endarkenment, with the tyranny of local police expressing the oppression of government in general. Unless the small town cops get with the program, Mark will get his wish sooner rather than later. Can't tell you how most state cops will respond. I thought better of the officers I worked with at the California Highway Patrol for over ten years, but a number of those boys went door-to-door in N.O. helping to confiscate firearms. Not a good omen, eh?

    As we have seen, there are no consequences for the SWAT team that murders a man in his own Tucson home, in front of his wife and child. There are no consequences for the bosses at DOJ who provide arms to Mexican drug lords in order to cause more deaths that they can blame on gun dealers. There are no consequences for a government that intentionally goes against the will and the best interests of its citizens. Can you doubt the outcome of such a state of affairs?

    Kevin is close, and The Quiet Man is pretty much right on (IMHO). Borepatch is too much of an optimist, as well as overly critical of a generation that has had as little control over the juggernaut of government as all of the generations since Lincoln decided to go to war on the citizens of the South who were exercising their right to separate from an out of control and abusive Federal government.

  3. RegT, I'm organizing my thoughts on this one. I'm not willing to concede the field of battle, but not ready to post yet.

    I do think that there's some tough history coming, and that the next two decades will see all manner of terrible things play out. Francis Fukuyama was an idiot - history didn't end, as we shall see to our dismay.

    But I think that America will weather this storm much better than most, and in some ways will come out stronger.

    I have no confidence in out miserable political elite, but the American People aren't played out.

  4. I really do feel that there's several tough historical past on its way, understanding that another 2 decades will discover all manner of awful points enjoy. Francis Fukuyama was an idiot -- historical past did not stop, as we will see to our own dismay.

    However believe The usa will weather conditions this specific hurricane a lot better than many, as well as in some methods can come out and about more powerful.

    I have no self-assurance throughout out and about unhappy politics professional, nevertheless the United states citizens aren't enjoyed out.