Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maybe It's An Old Meme

but they told me if I voted for John McCain, Camp Gitmo would be used for American citizens taken off the streets and made to "disappear".  That American citizens would be accused of being terrorists or being accessories to terrorism and thrown in prison without due process and no recourse to a lawyer, judge or the legal system. 

Turns out, they were right. (that link is to the regular Obama peg boys at CBS - but more here and here)

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  1. McCain has been trying to get this legislation passed for several years now. He and Liebermann co-authored a very similar bill which never made it out of committee, IIRC.

    I truly believe he was seriously tweaked mentally during his stay as a POW in 'Nam. Considering that his father was an admiral, along with the rest of his family background, is it that much of a stretch to think that he might have received some "special attention" from both North Vietnam and the Red Chinese while he was a guest of Hanoi?

    Perhaps that is also why he threw the election in 2008. Why try to displace the man groomed to openly accomplish the destruction of America? Saves him the onus of being caught attempting the same.

    Nonetheless, he continues to do all that he can to see the we "rubes" are made to understand who is boss in this country.