Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Wonder if He Thought of This Part?

(Michael Ramirez for 9/22)

I was going to talk about the Pope's nonsense on air conditioning, but I couldn't bear to read his encyclical.  Talk about TL:DR, that's a two hour sermon.  So I'll just note that the forecast for the Vatican City for tomorrow, 9/24, is for a low of 54 with a high of 72.  The forecast here is for a low of 72 and high of 88, with a 50% chance of thunderstorms.   When our overnight low is the same as his daily high, that says a lot about the relative need for air conditioning.  I mean, I really doubt he'll say no one should use heating when it's sub freezing outside; where's the logic in saying you'll "condition" your temperature when it's too cold but not when it's too hot?  By they way, 72 in the morning is an indication that fall is approaching.  In August, it's full tilt Crematoria here.  Over the summer it tends closer to 78 or 80 for the overnight low.  It was 71 on Monday morning and I honestly believe it hasn't been that cool since last April. 


  1. Drop a European into Texas for a full summer with no A/C and they'll never speak such rot again.

  2. As a former Roman Catholic (French Canadian descent), I have to believe that Catholics the world over must be mortified by this papal moron. An ignorant, collectivist, and morally bankrupt sleeze who supports the "Palestinians" over Israel and ignores what ISIS is doing to all Christians they come into contact with in the ME, while he schmoozes with the muslim world.

    He's the equivalent of a filthy joke told out loud in the middle of a packed church. The RC Church and the Curia must have been taken over by Marxists or brain-eating aliens (but I repeat myself).

    He deserves the abuse he got from that other moron, Obama. I've got to go to Ann Barnhardt's blog to see what she thinks f him (she might even write something profane about this jerk ;-)

  3. I went and read your Creamatoria post and it reminded me of at vacation trip to visit my mom's aunt and uncle in Jacksonville. Fl back in '65. They lived in a neighborhood not far from the beach, there was a coffee plant in the vicinity, and they had no air conditioning. I don't believe I slept at all the five days we were there. The temperature and humidity were oppressive every single moment...

  4. I seen the BS the Catholic Church does in the Philippines. Lots of effeminate American priests and the Filipino priests all run around in Mitsubishi Montero SUV with a driver.

    They are always preaching how the poor are somehow morally superior to those who have wealth.


  5. Vatican City is at the same Latitude as Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Let hime come on down here to Central Florida and spend a summer. People DIE down here without air conditioning.

  6. Those who preach not using AC from their cool abodes, usually but not always in Europe, conveniently forget they spend more in winter heat than we do in summer AC!

  7. There was once a joke that began "is the Pope catholic...". Now it is a serious question.

  8. Now it's, "Does the Pope s*it in the woods?"

    I seem to recall France having a heat wave a year or two back that would have been warm in our Southwest, but caused a bunch of fatalities in France.

    Perhaps this Pope anticipates a need for his followers to get used to being warm. Very warm.