Saturday, September 5, 2015

So It's September - Things to Watch For

It's September 5th, or August 36th as it's known around here, Labor Day weekend, and here are a few things that are coming in September to keep an eye on.
  • September 13th is Eyul 29 of the Hebrew calendar, the end of the Sabbath year, the Shemitah.  While the US markets are closed that day (it's next Sunday), markets elsewhere in the world may not be.  It's a day to watch, considering that on the last two occurrences the US market had the two biggest one day collapses in history. 
  • September 15th the 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins.  It's being reported that France plans to introduce a resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to a Palestinian state.  Up until now, the United States has always been the one blocking such a resolution, but Barack Obama is indicating that things may be much different this time around.  With the Supreme court ruling this week that Jerusalem is essentially not part of Israel by striking down a ruling that people born in Jerusalem are may claim  Israel as their country of birth, that adds backing to this belief. 
  • September 25th to September 27th – The United Nations is going to launch a brand new sustainable development agenda for the entire planet.  Some have called this “Agenda 21 on steroids”.  But this new agenda is not just about the environment.  It also includes provisions regarding economics, agriculture, education, gender equality, and (of course) climate change - basically the whole Social Justice Warrior wet dream, including direct attacks on capitalism.  On September 25th, the Pope will travel to New York to give a major speech kicking off the UN conference where this new agenda will be unveiled.  As an aside, I know many of the people behind Agenda 21 openly said they'd like to see 95 to 98% of humanity killed off; I wonder if the Pope would agree to that? 
  • September 28th is the last of the four "blood moons" in the current tetrad of lunar eclipses.   This one happens to occur on the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacle, it will be a “supermoon”, and the eclipse will actually be visible in the city of Jerusalem.  In a lunar tetrad, the total lunar eclipses happen 6 months apart. There are at least six full Moons between two total lunar eclipses in a tetrad.  This century will have eight such tetrads.  
  • Italian Astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli calculated that the occurrence of such tetrads varies over centuries. Some 300 year intervals have several lunar tetrads, while other 300 year intervals do not have any. For example, the years between 1852 and 1908 did not have any tetrads, whereas the next 3 centuries will have 17 tetrads.

    For an interesting list of things that are associated with these tetrads historically, see Armstrong Economics.
  • The bail-in legislation ordered for 11 countries in the EU that I mentioned before is hard to track down, but bail-in legislation for banks is not restricted to the Eurozone.  The Examiner describes how Dodd-Frank legislation set the infrastructure in place in the US for a bail-in program.  "Bail-in", of course, is polite banker-speak for taking your money out of your account.
Pop yourself some popcorn - or, if you're a low carber, fry up a mess of pork rinds.  Could be an interesting time to watch the world.  Worst case, you eat too many perfectly good snacks.

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