Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some Days Don't Just Work Out as Planned

While drinking coffee this morning and trying to wake up all the way, I was watching the weekend morning news show when the TV turned itself off.  I turned it back on.  About 15 minutes later, it turned itself off again.

This became a pattern that lasted another few hours as Mrs. Graybeard and I started troubleshooting, trying to find out what was going bad.  We have a complex setup.  The TV is just a display, as is common these days.  To get content we have two inputs: a cable converter/DVR and a Roku streaming box.  These plug into a wireless media box that connects with the TV over a 60 GHz link.  The idea is that you can wall mount the TV and leave this box within a few feet of the TV, eliminating cables.  The media box was the only part of the system we could disable and stop the TV from turning itself off.

This is a long story, but suffice it to say this setup started giving us trouble a few weeks ago and this isn't the first day we've spent trying to figure out what's going wrong.  Although the system was designed with only one HDMI connector on the TV,  the media box adds four more HDMI inputs and a couple of other interfaces, so the TV is barely usable by itself without the media box.  We're going to try to get an HDMI switch and just get rid of the media box.

Then I got started playing around with Pinterest.  One of the gun blogs (No Lawyers?) had a piece on it quite a while back and I started trying to figure what it might be good for.   I started a page with virtually zero content, but I may do something with it some day.  Anybody use Pinterest for anything worthwhile?  Just another photo sharing site?  (for the terminally curious: watch this space?)

Between the two of those things, I pretty much wasted the day.  I had planned to make 3D solid models in Rhino of some parts for my CNC conversion project, so that I could make them on my Sherline CNC.  But nooooo...


  1. I hear you man.

    Had both the washer AND dryer crap out on me in the last two days and Mrs. ASICDude ain't happy. When Mrs ASICDude ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Especially me. sooooo, instead of spending a leisurely sunday morning with a cup/pot of coffee planning my own G0704 CNC conversion I'll be on my back in the laundry room swapping out drive motors and pumps.

    Ah well, that's the way it goes I guess.

    Anxiously waiting to hear how your mill CNC conversion goes!

  2. probably just the NSA messing with your TV.