Saturday, November 16, 2019

Having an "I Got Nothing" Kinda Day

When I run into one of these, I usually run a cartoon I've saved.  

A small addition first to note that we've been enjoying some fall temperatures for a change here.  Not setting cold or snow records like so many of you, just cooler.  The record cold gripping the Eastern half of the country isn't here and it was never forecast to get this far south, but our temperature has dropped to a cooler than normal range for a couple of days last week and now this weekend.  Not setting records but not warmer than normal and all the locals are enjoying it; it was 56 this morning and the record for this date is 30, so far from a record.  Tomorrow morning is forecast to be 52.  Normal is 59.  It's forecast to be below that until Tuesday.  Don't laugh, Cederq

From Pat Cross Cartoons, but you read that.

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  1. It looks like you need something to worry about :-) How about this?

    US power grid attack points surge with proliferating DERs: A hacker 'will eventually get in' | Utility Dive