Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Rising Attacks on DIY Guns

According to an article yesterday in the Ammoland Shooting Sports News, in the wake of the Santa Clarita, California high school shooting, the anti-gun forces seem to be cranking up attacks on so-called “ghost guns.”
The Hill is among news agencies reporting that California investigators determined that the pistol used by the 16-year-old shooter was “an unregistered ‘ghost gun’” that had no serial number, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

“Ghost guns, also known as ‘kit guns,’ can be purchased online or at gun shows,” The Hill noted. “They do not have serial numbers, nor are they registered.”
Oooo!  A twofer!  They get ghost guns and gun show loophole by proxy.  Not surprisingly, all the reporting excerpted in the article show the same quality of information.
The Los Angeles Times is also repeating the terms in its reporting.

“The gun used in last week’s shooting at Saugus High School was assembled from parts, a so-called ghost gun without a registration number...
“The teenager who shot five classmates, killing two, at a Southern California high school used an unregistered ‘ghost gun,’” the Associated Press also reported.
the Seattle is reporting that anti-gun Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has sued the Trump administration 51 times over the past 3 ½ years, just obtained a summary judgement in federal court against a Texas company that had published data on the internet about how to construct a 3-D printed gun. The story said this: “A Texas anarchist and gun rights advocate, Cody Wilson, has made it a crusade to publish blueprints.”
They don't bother to mention that Cody hasn't been associated with Defense Distributed for more than 14 months, but that's just a start.  Those aren't registration numbers on a gun, they're serial numbers, and there's no absolute requirement that all guns have one.  There are millions of guns in the US that were made before the serial numbers became required.  As you know, facts don't matter to these wannabe tyrants.

It looks to writer Dave Workman at Ammoland that this is the start of an organized campaign to prohibit DIY guns, and the 80% lowers that are the common starting point (these guys seem to have made a wide selection of different platforms available, but I know nothing about them).  It seems to me that 3D printed guns scare them the most, and the anti-gun folks' main problem is that horse is already out of the barn.  In fact, that horse is so far out of the barn that it got out of the corral, and left the county.  

I don't remember where I posted this, but someone had a picture of an AR lower with a guy's face and his hand giving the reader the middle finger; it read "here's my serial number."  I countered that I've always said that I think it's better to make up a company name and a serial number for all guns you complete.  Don't call it a Colt or something they can check on, make up a company.  Nobody knows how many small shops make their own ARs from off the shelf parts, and nobody has a comprehensive list that's accurate for more than 15 or 20 seconds.  I figure making up a serial number takes less time than explaining to Officer Nahtso Friendly in a random traffic stop why you don't have or need a serial number. 

Here's mine: 

The serial number can be read as 10 001, meaning the first unit of the 2010, or maybe as week 10, unit 1, but I really intended it to be a negative number (-15) in two's complement as a geeky joke.  The company logo is also a joke.  My upper was from DPMS, and they use a fierce-looking panther for their logo.  So I turned the fierce looking panther into a goofy looking cartoon “puddy tat.”  I've told people at the range it was made by Moe Guns, whose company motto is “Who doesn't like owning Moe Guns?”  Nobody has challenged me.

Bottom line is that I don't think this could happen without a major political swing in the country, but I gotta believe that if one of those current Democrats running for the nomination got it and won the presidency, “hell, yeah, we're coming for your AR-15s” and this could happen.  If you've kinda liked the idea of finishing an AR from an 80% lower, but not today, it might not be too paranoid to buy an 80% lower or two.  Just to have on hand, just in case.  Right now, the prices are often lower than you'd pay for a finished lower when you count the FFL transfer cost on the finished one.  Pricing figures to go up if the market is shut down.


  1. The media reports that a crime was committed with a "ghost gun"...therefore the gun grabbers start screaming and shouting about banning "ghost guns"'s WHAT THEY DO. It's a target of opportunity. Just like two years ago the assclown in Vegas SINGLEHANDEDLY got 'bump stocks' banned by simply having some installed on guns in the room where he committed the crime....without there even being proof he actually USED one during the shooting. Next month the media will report on some other "fact" about a firearm used in some way the gun grabbers don't approve of ( as if there were ANY approved uses) and THAT will be the rallying cry for "BAN THIS....DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN. The goal is the TOTAL ban and confiscation of ALL firearms in America held by ANYONE not pinned to a badge. Thus ANY rallying cry that may hold the slightest utility in that quest to disarm us will be screamed at maximum volume until the NEXT rallying cry comes along.

  2. I've heard that MOE Guns make the finest firearms in the world. Everyone should own, at the very least, three of their products. Their ammo ain't too bad, either . . .

  3. Well, we never expected that rat-bastard Governor Rod Scott and the Florida Legislature to pass and sign so much anti-gun legislature after Parkland, but they did.

    Free people are only one manufactured event away from tyranny. Not that I believe for a minute that the Parkland shootings were manufactured by anti-gun forces. Though the printed signs, t-shirts, well-rehearsed talking points, hit attacks on tv shows, all were manufactured. The ignoring of Sheriff Israel and the Broward Cowards' part in the whole mess was certainly manufactured, especially as some reporting of the real truth about their roles in that horror were reported as early as 6 hours after the event, before being shut down and erased from everyone's memory.

    1 bad event, with manufactured crisis stemming from there. 1 event between us and tyranny with a small 't.' Add enough small tyrannies and you get Tyranny with a capital 'T.'

    And, of course, we are one election away from Tyranny with a capital 'T.' Like those poor dumb bastards in Virginia where the eastern bloc went full Soviet (eastern bloc - soviet, sometimes I crack myself up) in one off-year election. Not a major election, nooooo, but one off-year, underheralded election. And now western Virginia is freaking out and declaring sanctuary status for gun rights.

    One election, small or large. One event, small or large. Enough small tyrannies and you end up with one big-arsed Tyranny.

  4. It would be rather inconvenient for registration and confiscation schemes if all your 80% lowers somehow ended up with identical markings.

    "Nope. I registered/sold/turned that one in already. I have the paperwork on that to prove it..."

    - Aesop

    Game. OVER.

  5. Moe Guns. I love it!

    3-D printed guns are a great example of hysteria. Comic books, switchblades, video games . . . and anything that can come out of a 3-D printer. Hope they never do an internet search on "improvised firearm" - then steel pipe would be banned.

    1. They'd have to ban steel pipe as 80% shotguns or 80% Sten machine guns.

      At what point do they think they have to ban tools? Not even home CNC tools. You can complete an 80% gun with a drill.

      I think the word is technophobia.

      There's a place that sells a mold and resin you can use to pour a polymer lower. At no point is that 80% anything. It goes from two cans of polymer to a completed lower as the mix cures.