Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News Flash: More Guns, Less Crime

OK, I'm being sarcastic; everyone except the Brady bunch, the VPC and a few other retards groups that aren't fact-based knows this has been proven.  And it's essentially codified into law, with every state except Illinois now having some sort of process for concealed carry (technically, Wisconsin still doesn't, because the law goes into effect in November).

Every time a law is passed that allows more carry, these groups go into PSH over how it will cause blood baths, people shooting each other in streets/parking lots/whatever.  You know, you've heard it all before.  And you know it never happens.

The latest example is that the state of Virginia enacted a law a year ago which allows concealed carry license holders to carry in a bar, or the bar portion of a restaurant.  In the first year, gun crime in bars went down 5.2%.  
David Rittgers, an attorney and decorated former Army special forces officer who is now a legal policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, said the growing number of states that are adopting concealed-carry measures like Virginia's have seen no appreciable rise — and in some cases a decline — in violent crime.

"The worst that you can say about these laws is that they are statistically value neutral" in terms of impacting the crime rate, Rittgers said.
And that is downright generous with the statistics.  

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  1. Never confuse a socialist with facts. They care not a whit that it has been proven to lower crime stats in every state that has legislated in favor of citizen carry of firearms (concealed or open). They will continue to use their favorite tool - fear - to confuse and manipulate those who don't know any better.

    The only "blood in the streets" we will see is when SEIU shows up to protest. Or your local SWAT team comes out to play.