Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Isn't Getting Enough Coverage

I've only seen this story on one other blog - Kerodin's III Percent Patriots - but it needs to get more widely talked about because of the implications.

Ohio Electrical Contractor John King was shot at by union thugs, who were on his property, spray painting "SCAB" on his SUV.
But last Wednesday the attacks grew more heinous when King discovered an individual on his property attempting to vandalize his SUV.  When King yelled at the man to stop, the vandal shot King, hitting him in the arm.
Like many people involved in a shooting, he wasn't aware he was shot (a "graze" is reported) until the police arrived and brought paramedics to examine him.  From the most detailed article on this I could find, on The Blaze .

Mr. King runs one of Toledo's most successful electrical contracting businesses.  He keeps his shop non-union, which makes him a target, and has been for years.  For years, it meant buying new tires regularly:
“Back then, it was nothing to have to regularly buy a new set of tires,” King said during a telephone interview on Tuesday. “The ice pick was the weapon of choice.”
You can hear his interview with Glenn Beck on the Blaze here.  He says:
In an exclusive interview with Glenn Beck, King discusses what happened when he was shot by an alleged union member. In describing the situation, he told Beck, “The landscape…has changed dramatically.” What once was slashed tires and minor legal troubles has now turned potentially deadly.
Now stand back and consider more things, like the incidents of union thugs calling for violence, whether it's last summer's invasion of a (sympathetic) banker's property, or this week's Verizon union workers sabotaging the networks and calling for personal attacks, it's getting progressively more hostile out there.
‘It is open season. Follow them safely, but when you get to a location, torture them, torture them with chants and noise. Be so loud that they can’t concentrate and wish they never got out of bed,’ says the recorded voice. Another part of the message states:

‘They are trying to break our union. Understand brothers and sisters, we can never let these [expletive] piece of [expletive] pigs break us. So, we are stepping up our efforts.’

The message stopped short of calling for physical violence, but it was removed after a NewsChannel 9 reporter called the CWA for comment.“
How much closer can they get to calling for physical violence?

Think of this as more evidence that they're coming.  The time of riots and open violence is approaching - if not already here.  It's hard to look at the Verizon situation and the Toledo incident and not think something has changed, and the zombie wars have already started, as Bill Bonner said. 


  1. I am intimately familiar with the heated, inflammatory, eliminationist rhetoric used by some union leaders and rank-and-file.

    In my case, I had read a local union publication(a newsletter), and I must say, I'm surprised someone wasn't killed or injured given the dehumanizing language used management. The hatred directed towards management was sickening and repugnant. And the union member who had the newsletter? She saw nothing wrong, or out of the ordinary about it.

    This stuff will get a lot worse. You can bet on it.

  2. oops, that should read dehumanizing language used against management... sigh.

  3. The ball-less bastards run in packs, so be sure to carry at least a couple of spare mags. And aim for the union label.

    If I worked for this guy, I would be happy to camp out at his place and provide a little security. If I lived closer, I'd do it anyway, just for the hell of it. Or perhaps just a couple of hundred yards away, to see if I could keep the trash off of his property.

    I am getting pretty unhappy with the way things are. Between union thugs, flash-mobs, and other entitlement zombies, it is just about time to get active. Maybe Tam is right - maybe I should move back into or near a city in order to access a more target-rich environment. Although the southern border has its attractions, as well.

  4. Graybeard, Drudge had a link to this story up on Wednesday of this week with his headline reading "Michigan Man Shot In Apparent Attack By Union," which linked to here.

  5. Let's contemplate one union a moment: Seems I heard someplace the UAW is a significant owner of GM. Now, if you're a UAW member (and Michigan's a closed state), and you have a protest against "management", where do you go? Who does the UAW represent? (that's rhetorical. The UAW represents the UAW)

    I seem to recall not that long ago some union members pulling a strike against the UAW in Michigan. Didn't hear much about it.

  6. Thanks all.

    Quizikle raises a good point. After the took over GM and screwed all the bond holders, they effectively gave the company to the UAW. The business of GM is not building cars; it's providing health care and retirement bennies to UAW members. Which kinda explains the Volt, doesn't it?

    but now I just can't shake singing "shoot at the union label..."