Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quite the Week So Far, Eh?

We see the DJIA down about 2000 bucks from a couple of weeks ago, over a thousand this week alone, and whipping up and down, like boiling water.  Gold is at a nominal high although the inflation-adjusted equivalent of the all time high is around $2400/oz (and a moving target).  For the first time I can ever recall seeing, platinum is cheaper than gold (at this instant, Pt is $1780 while Au is $1803.  Silver has been late to the party, strangely going down for two days. 

London is being burned to the ground.  Baseball bats and kubatons are leading sales on (here, for zample).  The so-special-everyone-gets-a-trophy generation is reaching its zenith.  Closer to home, Philadelphia youth have a new sport: see if you can knock out an innocent person with one punch - even if they need brass knuckles.  Of course, when someone is knocked out, they've suffered brain damage, which is lifelong - as the NFL keeps telling us.  The Milwaukee mob attack appears to be isolated.  At least, so far.  Just wait.  More is coming.

The lesson I learned in 2008, that when everything crashes, everything crashes was certainly true last week. Yet the dollar is relatively unaffected, and the interest rates on bonds are going down, not up, after the downgrade.  The moral to this story is that the least ugly girl at the dance gets asked the most.  With the EU on the brink of collapse, the dollar seems safe.   Actually, with banks now charging to store money overnight, I would like to offer any billionaire or foreign country a place to store their cash.  Simply contact me and I will store your billions in my living room right here.  No wait, over here.  No, wait....

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