Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday "Must Read"

In line of yesterday's topic, and thanks to Western Rifle Shooters Association for the link, I came across this link today, from the Telegraph (UK), "How do you Destroy a London Borough?
First, identify your enemy: the respectable, the mainstream. People with small, quiet lives, whose fondest wishes are to earn a living and pay off their mortgage and maybe have a park they can walk in with their families. They don’t look very threatening, but the social mores they have upheld for generations are your biggest barriers to progress. You have to criminalise their thoughts; make them powerless. Marginalise them.
The column is short but good.  You should read it.

I got the link in a comment from a new blog on my reading list Jaded Haven, an interesting blog from Texas that I've been to a few times via links from Improved Clinch. Today's link was from Borepatch's link. To quote from Jaded Haven:
I happen to believe that you strip a man of his dignity and humanity when you treat him like an ignorant, incapable animal. He becomes a dangerous pet to be fed and housed, pandered and lied to, in order to gain his complacency for your act of cruel altruism.

It’s one thing to offer a kind helping hand to someone in need, it’s entirely another to create a separate, dysfunctional society consisting of a nothing more than a dependent, seething underclass that can no longer feed itself.

The only action our governments require of these people in return for their daily ration of abject humiliation and bureaucratic swill, is the shaky promise that they’ll refrain from rioting, looting and burning in John Q. Taxpayer’s prosperous backyard.

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  1. I think there is another action they require from these people: that they will vote - no matter which of the interchangeable parties is currently in the majority - to continue supporting their own addiction to welfare, to bread and circuses. Thereby keeping the controlling elite (aka: those who know what is best for them) in power.