Thursday, June 20, 2013

To My Fellow Florida Gunnies

This is about HB-1355.  If you don't know what that is, read the next paragraph and the link. 

I've sent some money to pretty much every pro-gun group at one time, from the NRA to the 2AF.  For the last month, I've gotten an urgent letter from NAGR every couple of days saying "you've got to call Scott right now and tell him not to sign HB-1355!!!1!!!".   Yesterday I got that email and an email from the NRA saying, "you've got to call Scott right now and tell him he has to sign it!!!!!"  Now, I knew Marion Hammer and the NRA were instrumental in writing the bill, but I didn't know what's actually in it.  Jon Gutmacher put up a post on the bill this morning.  If you're on the fence, go read it. 

For those who don't remember the name, chances are you've seen his book, Florida Firearms Law, Use and Ownership, which is universally recommended in concealed carry classes. 

What he said sure sounds reasonable to me and has gotten me off the fence on this. It's limited.  It has ways for those denied rights to get them back.  It restricts the state more than the people.  I think it's worth supporting. 


  1. Yes, this will work exactly as intended.

    Like state preemption kept localities from passing new ordnances.

    Like the brief exposure law prevents being arrested for, well, brief exposure of your carry piece.

    Like stand your ground gives me immunity from prosecution in the event I have to defend myself.

    Sorry, I've utterly lost faith in our state government to do what it says it's going to do. I predict that the path to get your rights back will prove non-existent.

    1. I can completely respect that. I might point out that the state preemption didn't work because there were no penalties for violating it. When they made it so that individual elected officials could be fined out of their own pockets, it started to work the way it should.

      The way Gutmacher and the NRA portray this it is very limited.

    2. The preemption debacle has me convinced that unless there's penalties built into the laws for burning officials alive for violating our rights, there's just no point in having laws that defend our rights.

      There's one hell of a tack to start taking with all of this!

      Attach penalties to all these laws to convince the gubminteers that they work for us and not the other way 'round.

      One thing I am getting damn sick of hearing from Tallahassee is how all of this will make it hard for the cops to do their jobs. No shit, Sheriff, that's why we demanded it and I don't recall asking the help's opinion about it either.

  2. I would always ignore anything NAGR says. They are a known scam.