Monday, June 17, 2013

Light Ice Cream

I like to be a content provider, but I'm researching an angle on this administration corruption story that's proving tough to get facts on, so tonight I bow to Sean Linnane on NSA Warrantless Surveillance
When they want to implement the coup, first we’ll lose satellites - the Global Positioning Satellite constellation has the capability to be encrypted at the touch of a button. Only the government and military will have commo. Second we will lose electricity. Easy enough to do; the national grid is computer/satellite controlled. The masses will be in the dark literally and figuratively. Riots will ensue and effective resistance to Government control measures will be mitigated. The Powers That Be, all they have to do is sit back and wait, the populace will take itself down; after a period of time the Department of Homeland Security - think TSA, think ATF; think New Orleans after Katrina, think Waco - can walk into areas, restore order, eliminate any rebel opposition and turn the lights back on.
Big is picture right, but of the 2/3 of a million hams in America, I guess fully half of them are prepared for grid down communications, so strike that part about only the .mil has comms.  No way to guess how many of that 300,000 are prepared for long term, real off-grid living, but hams pride themselves on being ready when everything else is down.  It won't be a bloodless coup. 


  1. I can operate HF/VHF/UHF indefinitely off the grid.

    If need be, I can go "hide in the woods" and operate. Depending on how big a boot they stomp down on comms with, I could do that until I got DF'ed and hit with a Hellfire, or DF'ed and was "visited" by somebody.

    The Hams were shut down during WWI, and WWII, and lots of them turned in their equipment to be used "for the war effort".

    The FCC could easily order all but "approved" Amateur Radio operation to cease, at least the transmitting part, and a lot would comply.

    But then there's always us "3-per-center" hams.......

  2. Are amateur radios "registered"?

    1. Nope. Totally uncontrolled. You're actually encouraged to modify your radios or build them from scratch. Commercial radios get a type acceptance, which means the factory sends one to the FCC and they verify it meets the rules. Radios that hams built are exempt.

  3. Just remember that the man that wrote that is a rabid anti-militia anti patriot mercenary, working for the DOD/CIA/NSA who hates everything the patriot movement stands for. EVERYTHING "Sean Linnane" wrights is federal Psywarop propaganda.

  4. I remember hearing right after WW II that some hams tried VLF over the power lines. Called it "carrier current" and one problem was getting the power company to install bypass caps around your transformer. They did have them.
    It is possible some SCADA and remote reading of customer meter is using same technology and a limited WAN could be set up. Possibly quite secure.