Monday, January 27, 2014

Computers Are A PITA

Yeah, we all know that deep down inside.  Or maybe not that deep.  Last night, I opened iTunes to update some apps, and it offered me an update to iTunes.  Installed on my Win7 machine and it never worked again.  MSVCR80.dll is gone.  Apple Mobile Device driver doesn't work.  You don't have privileges to install that on this machine...  Uninstall.  Reinstall.  No joy.  Uninstall.  Uninstall everything else in a specific order from some web page.  Reinstall.  No joy.  Uninstall again in that specific order from that web page.  Shut the computer off.  Turn it on.  Reinstall.  No joy. 

So for bearing with that whine....
I've had this so long, I don't remember where I stole got it.   If it's yours, I'll post credit. 

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  1. I installed the newest version of Safari onto my MacBook Pro about a month ago. Had to spend a couple of hours on the phone with Apple tech support before I got the use of my computer back again.

    We Mac addicts had some issues when Jobs left Apple back when. Looks like we'll have some more, now that he's left permanently ;-)