Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Hope No One Paid Too Much for THIS Study

"Tweet a lot? Then you're probably SELF-OBSESSED" from the Mail Online (UK).
U.S. researchers claim narcissists tweet more often than others and crave followers on Twitter to meet their need for approval.

They also found that narcissists update their Facebook status more regularly and vain adults prefer to post content on Facebook, rather than Twitter.
Do tell.  They figured that out all on their own? 


Pardon me.  I need to go fix my fence. 


  1. Summary of most of these studies:

    "You kids get offa my lawn with your hippin' and your hoppin' and your rocka-rocka music 'n' break dancin'!"

  2. What, nothing about bloggers? As a Very Important Blogger, my narcissism is offended. Sir, I must protest!

  3. Borepatch (and others),

    Y'all need to apply for a federal grant.
    (I know, improper use of y'all. Should have been all y'all.)