Sunday, January 19, 2014

I've Got Nothing

Have to add me to the list of bloggers with nothing to say.  Busy weekend.  Down to help in the final cleaning out of mom's place.  At home, had a hot water faucet go from starting to drip on Friday night to "can't turn it off at all" last night.  Couldn't find the exact stem, and the guy at Home Despot gave us a completely wrong replacement, so I need to find the right one soon.  At least I have hot water in the bathroom, even though the handle turns the wrong way and goes 180 degrees instead of 90.  We can limp along this way for a while.

Went to see Lone Survivor today.  Since I read the book when it first came out, and I've seen quite a bit of Marcus Luttrel by being a subscriber to Beck's network, I already felt like I know the group of four on the mountain.  It was rough to watch, even though you know it's only a movie: "puppets and stew meat" (in the words of Ren and Stimpy), because of that feeling that I knew the guys.

So a little humor...
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  1. 3 comments about "Lone Survivor".

    1) The movie is extremely good.
    2) The audience watching the movie looked totally different from the audiences walking in and out of the other screens at the 'plex.
    3) The previews for coming attractions were nearly all deranged and insulting.

    1. I think we were in the same theater!

    2. Sarasota Hollywood 20 in my case