Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Couple More Weekend Shots

Before the Blue Angels took to the air today, an F-22, F-16, and P-51 took to the air together for several laps around the airport and over the house.
The weather was murkier today, so it was tough getting good exposures with blue sky in the background.   About as good as I could do was this:

This Sigma 70-300 zoom isn't the sharpest lens in the box, but 300mm on a small sensor really does reach out there.   I helped by putting the camera in manual focus, pre-focusing at infinity, setting the zoom to max, and ISO to 800 to get faster shutter speeds to reduce the impact of my moving around. 
Aside from standing outside for a while, I was extremely busy this weekend, so I haven't paid even the smallest bit of attention to the rest of the world.  Judging by a few minutes of exposure to news, it looks like same old same old. 

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