Friday, March 13, 2015

Awesomeness of the Week

From a fellow graybeard at work, and found in a few places online, Post-Apocalyptic Charlie Brown.
One of the comments on Boing Boing remarked that seeing Snoopy not as a beagle bothered them more than they thought it should.  The excellent reply was:
It's the 38th Snoopy. He stopped caring about numbers round about Snoopy the 15th and breeds at Snoopy the 23rd. Now any black/white hound is good enough.
From the article on IO9
After the end of everything, there'll still be one person who can never stay knocked over: Good Ol' Charlie Brown. And his bedraggled mutt, Snoopy. This awesome fan art by Max Dunbar features inks by Vitali Iakovlev and colors by Sean Ellery. Click through to see the whole thing.
Max Dunbar is a professional artist, as you might imagine.  He has a personal webpage as well as that Deviant Art link above.  Worth checking out. 


  1. Very cool, about time Charlie Brown grew up and grew a pair...

  2. Looks like he has a No. 1 Enfield, though scoped.

    Plus...the football.

    Bet he got it from Lucy, but probably the hard way.