Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Indoor Weekend

It was an indoors weekend here.  Messy weather.  Windy (small craft warnings), 60s, and rainy all day yesterday, with the rain stretching into mid morning today.  I think the sun finally started peaking out around 12:30 or 1 for the rest of the day and it warmed up.  Might have been 80 today. 

Being indoors means heading into the shop and playing with things all day.  Both days.  I completed wrapping the replacement rod for the broken one.  It was more straightforward this time (experience) and I believe it took about half the time.  Next step is to set up the rotisserie motor and do the epoxy coating. 
(yeah the bench is a mess with tools, plastic bags, scraps of thread, clamps and you-name-it scattered every which way)

Around that, I did some more work on the other project, the guitar.  That's approaching being ready to finish; all I need to do is some cleanup work on the trim and a few light details like that.  I still haven't picked up or ordered a finish.  I'm thinking a light matte finish polyurethane, instead of a glossy finish.  Spray would be better, and that probably would be best done outside. 

I couldn't resist puttering around with my mills and lathes.  Ran everything a bit, but just playing around.  Didn't make anything.  Turned on the CNC and ran an old file with no cutting bits and no workpiece.  Just to exercise everything. 


  1. Based upon what _appears_ to be a Hornady box of either bullets or buckshot shot behind the handle of your rod, did you fit in a bit of reloading, too?

  2. Right, Hornady AR bullets. I didn't do any reloading, it was just a handy counterwieght. ("I need a couple of pounds NOW... what's around?")