Sunday, September 13, 2015

If You Have A Lot of Time

If you have a lot of time on your hands and like to play with mechanical things, you just might make something like the amazing Do Nothing Machine.

The Do Nothing Machine was built by Lawrence Wahlstrom over several years, apparently from 1948 until 1953. A full description of the machine and what has been found of its history is on the machine's web page at the Museum of Craftsmanship in Carlsbad, California.  The museum itself was started by the late founder of Sherline Products, whose miniature metalworking tools were my entry drug into making things out of metal.

 A visitor to the museum is said to have remarked "You know, there's a lot going on here with no results.  You ought to call it congress."  A Popular Mechanics article (at the Machine's page) sounds like the description of the Retro encabulator

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  1. Looks less complicated than the early large computer line printers I worked on back in the 60's