Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rangy Weekend

I got to spend a couple of quality hours getting in some group therapy this weekend, so I'm going to gloat about getting to go shooting.  I've been taking Fridays off to burn off extra vacation, so this is my fourth short week in a row, and I'll take next Friday off, too.  Consider that another gloat, but my retired friends are immune to that one.

Friday, Mrs. Graybeard and I went down to our outdoor pistol range.  Last week was crazy rainy, and the several-acre range was partially underwater, but thankfully not everywhere.  The down side was that it's essentially August 49th, meaning it was 90 degrees with very high humidity.  Still, we put in an hour running a couple hundred rounds each: 100 of .380 ACP through a Sig P238 and 100 of .22LR in my S&W 22A.  It was so hot, I had to quit when my Pro Ears filled up with sweat (ewww....). 

Today we met some long time friends (best kind!) at an indoor range and spent an hour playing there, too.  I think pretty much all four of us shot everything we brought.  Compared to Friday, air conditioning is good.  I honestly think Florida's population would be about 10% of what it is if air conditioning hadn't been invented.
Craptastic iPhone camera shot of my lane.  L-R, Springfield Armory XDm 3.8 in .45, Sig P238 in .380 and XD subcompact in 9mm. 


  1. So, are we headed off to the electronic drawing board in order to design and then CNC manufacture a pair of auto drain valves for muff type hearing protection?

    I'm thinking an electronic moisture sensor with a micro drain valve. (think brass musical instrument spit valve, but made electronic and way over complicated.)

    And as we have discussed, using thousands of dollars in tools and electronics to solve a problem instead of just lifting the ear muffs and toweling them and your ears, priceless.