Saturday, September 17, 2016

Echoing BRM on the Clinton Corruption

Echoing Bayou Renaissance Man's call to spread this far and wide.  Here's the background.  Donald Trump held campaign stops and a rally in Miami yesterday.  At one stop, this Haitian-American from New Jersey came forward with a detailed, personal story of his encounters with the Clintons from the 1990s forward.  In the '90s he was the President of the Haitian Senate.

After the big Haitian earthquake in 2010, most of us heard that the world had donated billions of dollars in relief funds.  Most of us also heard that very little of that money really went to help Haiti.  The news media reported it as the donors not actually sending what they pledged.  Perhaps that's not right.  

Most will recall that Bill Clinton and Bush the Elder were famously portrayed as an odd-couple, bipartisan team going around and raising money for Haiti.  Now it seems we know where at least some of that money ended up: the Clinton Foundation, a money laundering enterprise for Bill and Hillary Clinton.


  1. Grifters gotta grift. If we elect Hillary the Grifter in Chief we can expect a lot more of this.

  2. And the Bush family is just as big a Mafia as the Clintons. My favorite photo is the one from a G. Wallis(Spell?)The then Gov. of Alabama, campaign fund raiser taken about 1967 or 68. It is the Alabama Gov. The CIA DDO G. Bush his son GHW Bush and student Bill Clinton all setting together at a picnic/fund raiser . Its a racket. ALL OF IT. Everybody on the "inside" knows who the anointed one is. EVERYTHING ELSE is political theater.----Ray PS the photo is from the LIFE archive.

    1. I tried to find something equivalent on Bush's part, because I absolutely don't believe anyone in the power elite is beyond reproach. I couldn't; I've got to admit I'm not a real investigative journalist.

      Remember: Obama and Dick Cheney are cousins; eighth cousins, but still. George W Bush is his 11th cousin. That says about all you need to know about the ruling class vs. the rest of us.

    2. If that's your favorite photo you really need to get out more.

      So you think that somehow sitting at a table during a political function somehow implies something other than you were at a political function and sat down???

    3. Dear Anonymous government troll. If you think that anyone with an IQ higher than that of a border collie would believe that three men who had never met before, Sat down at a political fundraiser in 1967. Then went on to be VPOTUS and POTUS in a consecutive tag team that lasted for 30+ years and saw the virtual abolition of the US Constitution and the implementation of one of the most oppressive police states in human history, is in any way coincidence. Then you sir are an idiot.---Ray

    4. Wait! This is too good. A single picture tells you all that! How many people were at that same political event but did not make it? How many political events in the last 50 years or so and how many people and pictures and they too didn't make it. But you take that one picture and conclude some kind of conspiracy. Adjust your tin foil hat it is interfering with your vision. Every, or almost every politician in America today (and a handful born in Kenya) would love to become president someday. Some will and there will be pictures of them as young men and many pictures of them with someone who later embarrasses themselves or commits crimes, etc. That does not make them unindicted co-conspiritors.

  3. Anon 9:20
    Spoken like a true Marxist/leninist communist. You would do what then kill all the elite and take their wealth???

    I would not trun my back on any of the Clinton's or any of their associates. I would in fact trust my life to George or Jeb Bush. And I say that as a person who won't vote for Jeb Bush. My reason is that I believe we need a son-of-a-bitch along the lines of Patton and not a nice guy like Jeb Bush.