Saturday, January 14, 2017

Obama's Fairwell Tour

Features a speech in which he mentions himself 75 times, changes the policy for accepting Cuban refugees if they make it to shore (the so-called "wet foot, dry foot" policy), reduces sanctions against the Sudan, and "fundamentally transformed" the US' 68 year old relationship with Israel.  It continues his eight year record of aiding our enemies and hurting our friends.
(Michael P. Ramirez, of course)

Oh, someone's going to pay for it alright.  Everybody in the US is paying for Obama already.


  1. I read somewhere (on LL's blog, maybe) that he and MOOchelle have cost us well over 150 million on the "vacations" they took on our dime.

  2. I assume that Republicans will reinstate the wet foot dry foot rule. But I do question why? Let's just enforce our laws and not hand out dispensations to favored groups. IMHO just the act of coming to this country illegally should result in immediate deportation and a life long ban on ever being able to enter again.

    1. I've seen speculation that they won't, or can't, reverse this ruling.

      The thing about this law, as I understand it and IANAL, is that it already is biased toward returning Cuban refugees vs. those from other countries. When the law was written in the cold war days of the mid 60s, it was the case that if a Russian were to be caught trying to get into the US and simply say they were seeking asylum, it was always granted. Cubans had to make it to dry land to seek asylum (hence the "dry foot" part of that). The law was intended to make it harder for Cubans trying to reach the US and Obama's ruling makes it even harder. At the time, '66, it was common for people encountering rafts and debris with refugees on board to rescue them and bring them to the US. The law was intended to make them have to make it all the way to dry land to claim asylum.

      I just read that Cubans coming to the US through scheduled airline flights, which is possible now that they've allowed air travel, are requesting asylum when they get here and are being deported on the same plane back.

      Again, this is as I understand it. I can see the argument that Mexicans and Cubans should be treated the same, but Cubans are treated much worse than Mexicans and this law makes it even worse. The Mexican government doesn't try to stop citizens from coming to the US, the Cuban government does. Mexico is still nominally a free country, Cuba's government is much closer to North Korea than Mexico.

      I can only assume the reason the administration treats Cubans worse than Mexicans is that the Miami Cubans historically don't vote communist. They tend to be politically active Republicans, and those are the enemy to the administration.

  3. I sure hope the country makes it through the next week ...