Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Changes

Happy New Year, everyone.  I hope your New Year's Eve went as well as you wanted, and you've had a good day.
Things obviously look different here than they did last night.  If you were here reading during the day, it might have looked even weirder from time to time. 

It's really not quite how I want it to look.  That background is a sunrise scene I grabbed from a Sebastian Inlet State Park Webcam in October of '14, and if I use the blogger "Preview" feature, it fills the background.  My desktop is 1920x1080, and if I look at it on my screen, it completely fills the background of the browser.  When I make it permanent, saving it for the blog, it turns that into four tiles of smaller versions of the image. 

I'm working through "support" (online help forums), to see if I can make Preview be a Preview.  I have found out that if the PC's display (in Win 7) is set to "medium size icons - 125% normal", the display works as I want it to.  I just thought that Blogger was cross-platform and they would make it look the same on any machine.  So there might be some changes yet to come.

You'll also note my reading list has expanded with folks I read regularly via links off other blogs: The Feral Irishman (Irish), The Lonely Libertarian (Angel), and The Vulgar Curmudgeon (Phil).  I should have done this long ago, so welcome but sorry it took so long, y'all.  (I know Irish and Phil have left comments here, but I don't recall Angel ever commenting here).  I dropped Black Rifle Builders who hadn't updated since July.


  1. "Cross Platform" AINT!

    I've got several photos I've tried to use a custom background, but they never seemed to work properly. I, too, run 1920x1080 (hey, I've got a 24" monitor!), and get comments that things don't scale right on other people's monitors.

    Maybe someday I'll get it worked out, or find a solution from someone else, but blogging isn't my life.

    Enjoy the new year!

    1. As a hardware guy, this aspect of software drives me FN.

      It's a cliche' that if hardware developers worked the way software developers do, we'd be in jail.

      While I was doing the "preview post" feature in blogger, so that I can proof read and have my wife do the same, I noticed the background was just fine. So two different preview options give me exactly what I want, but the "live" version doesn't.

  2. I think Theredneckengineer is done too.

    He hasn't posted anything since March of last year.

  3. The background photo works okay in my browser. My OS is Win10 running Firefox with a 2560 x 1440 screen resolution.