Monday, April 2, 2018

It's Back to Spring Planting

Yesterday's pulled pork right out of 14 hours in the smoker.  It's like an Easter ham except for being a pork shoulder and not a thigh.

February was pretty warm around here, I ran the air conditioner almost every day, even the separate A/C in the shop while I was out there.  March started out quite a bit cooler, and the air wouldn't cycle on at all, until about the calendar start of spring.  When it's cooler outside, that makes it easy to put off doing the spring planting.  I mentioned doing some back in February, and that new hibiscus is doing fine, but some of the older bushes need to be replaced.  These are hibiscus bushes that are as old as the house and they just seem to be dying of old age.  Everything else is growing except these two old bushes.

We had the first tomatoes out of the garden this weekend - and these from a plant that we put in last spring, made it through the winter, even lost some leaves during the only frost we had.  Time to add some more tomato plants, dig out those old hibiscus bushes, and replace them with something new.  Before it gets into being May.


  1. Spring is a time to make things new. Symbolically as well as de-facto. That pulled pork looks delicious - I like it much better than ham.

  2. We had a very nice family gathering on Sunday. My stepson made Carne Asada, and all the other family members brought pot-luck dishes.

    And speaking of gardening....I bought a double order of "heirloom seeds" from that one seller (Jebidiah Fisher??) who put together "Patriot Seed Kits" or whatever he called them, and gave them to our daughter-in-law's Mom who does the big "Family Garden". Hopefully we'll have home-grown fresh produce this summer.

  3. You're picking tomatoes there while here, the last of the snow finally melted. I still wouldn't trade places - I've seen the roving gangs of mosquitoes and palmetto bugs with switchblades you've got down there.

    1. Mosquitoes and Palmetto bugs are just the start. Palmetto bugs are some sort of prehistoric holdover. My wife refers to them as "outdoor roaches" and doesn't really care. I kill on sight, if I'm fast enough. Indoor roaches, also called German cockroaches, result in all out war.

      We've spent a couple of years in a standoff with big head ants. They're bad ass enough to have killed off the fire ants that invaded in the '70s, and are "outdoor ants", but every so often, they end up in the house. They're really tough to control.

      Something is always either trying to eat your garden (we've lost tomatoes already) or eat you.