Thursday, April 5, 2018

We're In The Age of Mass Manipulation

That's not news.  After all, it was over 55 years ago that Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, "The medium is the message" (good story there about the misprint on the book's cover that reinforced its message).

This week we've seen another shining example of a coordinated attempt to shape public opinion and policy, the so-called "caravan" of some large number of "immigrants" coming north through Mexico planning to storm our border.  Coming through Mexico?  Isn't it common knowledge that Mexico is famously strict on its immigration laws, such that invaders from Guatemala or points south should be stopped before they get into the middle of Mexico? 

It's every bit as "grass roots" AstroTurf as the March for Our Lives, and some of the same international socialists are behind it as well. 

The organization taking the lead is “Pueblo Sin Fronteras”.  The name translates as "people without borders".  Far from a spontaneous thing, formed by people suddenly realizing, "it's so bad here I have to try to get into the US!", this is an annual occurrence.  Pueblo Sin Fronteras has been running these operations for 15 years.  There are stories that before that, they ran them under a different name.  After all, if this was a spontaneous uprising, how would they get a BuzzFeed reporter embedded in the march?  

If it was spontaneous, would they be flooding through the Chiapas, Mexico, southern border crossing with not one Mexican officer stopping them?  That green building visible in the distance is the immigration checkpoint. (BuzzFeed photo)

One of the principal Americans behind the caravan is Alex Mensing, whose LinkedIn profile says he specializes in "Immigration Justice".  As always, whenever an adjective is used in front of the word justice, like "social justice", it's not about actual justice.  It's about special treatment.   The profile says he's involved in the "CARA Pro Bono Family Detention Project".  Pro bono, of course, means "for free", but chances are someone is paying some expenses associated with all the logistics of moving this many people.  The saying that, "armies march on their stomachs" is true for any group, not just the military.  This sort of thing can't be done without a lot of logistics. 

CARA is part of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (headquartered in Maryland) and the American Immigration Council.  Both groups are big recipients of cash from George Soros.  "People without borders" can be a little more poetically translated as Open Society, the name of one of Soros' pet organizations.  "A World Without Borders".  Yeah... no.  No thanks. (Hat tip to Glenn Beck)

We're being played. This is a replay of techniques used in March for Our Lives.  Careful control of images, so that you see pictures featured of young women with children, not of the late teens through 30-year old men visible if you dig for other pictures.  We keep getting played over and over again, by the same organizations; the same people.  It's one reason trust in the media is at an all-time low

For a long time, it has been a pretty good idea to look at any story in the media and ask "why are they telling me this?"  Is it local news that's supposed to break your heart or make you watch that news show over their competitor?  "If it bleeds, it leads"?  In the case of something like the anti-gun March, it was obvious that we were being fed a story.  They showed lots of kids, but kids were 10% of the demonstrators and the biggest demographic was older women: the average protestor was a 48 year old woman.  The problem is we don't know that when they're showing it, because they don't attempt to find out the truth and put that in their broadcast.

I think it's a safe bet to always look at any hot news story, or big event like these, asking the questions, "what are they trying to sell me, and who's behind it?" 


  1. Viva la reconquista!!

    Our government, the swamp, wants this. It will happen. They will gain votes and political power. You the citizen will over time lose everything. With this new world order will come the left wing wet dream commonly known as Marxist socialism. They will tax you into poverty and use those revenues to buy votes from all those refugees, immigrants, illegal immigrants and others of dubious allegiance. This is the inevitable evolution of a democratic republic as the voters apathy allows the elected representatives to usurp power and ignore the citizens. "WE" have the power but "WE" choose to watch Survivor or American Idol instead of trying to be informed by watching the news and reading about local, national amd world events. We then go to the polls and vote the way we do because that's how our parents voted or how our union told us to vote or because our congressman promised us gender/race specific benefits and free stuff. "WE" are being screwed and our country, our rights and freedoms are being taken from us.

  2. Translation quibble.
    "Pueblo" is primarily village or town. As in "Village Without Borders."
    "People" would more precisely be "gente" (and it's pronounced "hen-tay").
    "Pueblo" can be used, but it's a rather obscure version/translation.
    That concludes today's Spanish lesson.

    As for the rest, if Guatemala or Honduras was so oppressive, and borders were the problem, they'd stop in Chiapas, where the food, language, and culture is near-identical to the land they're supposedly "escaping". (Just like imaginary "refugees" from Syria {who were actually illegal immigrants from 50 other countries from Morocco to Mozambique to Indonesia that are not Syria, but I digress} would have stopped in Jordan, Lebanon, or Turkey, not gone on to Sweden or France or Germany, if this was about being a refugee.)

    But they were headed here, because the Giant Suckling Teat of American Progressivism was wangling in the wind, beckoning them to come here, commit more crime, go on that public dole, and pump out anchor babies by the metric f**k-ton. Like they do. While supported by actual Americans working jobs and paying their taxes. Like they do.

    The march should have been named Langostas Sin Moralidad.
    "Locusts Without Morals".

    That's all they ever are.
    And probably, all they'll ever be.

    Borders are simply the national equivalent of locks on your doors and screens on your windows.

    They keep pests and vermin out.

    So does killing them.
    Something the douchecanoes shuffling northward should bear in mind.

    1. Having said the "S" word (shooting them) I fell compelled to state something I am concerned that many are missing about this issue. The left in there effort to flood the country with immigrants legal and illegal and all kind of other interlopers like H1B and various visa over stayers has set us up for a very real possibility of a future civil war. There is a faction(s) out there who do not want to integrate/assimilate but whose dream seems to be to remake America into a version of where they came from. You can see that now even though they do not yet have a majority or large enough minority. They intend to use the courts to get what they cannot get from the legislature and use the legislature (see California's legislature for examples) to get what they can there to fundamentally change America in their image. The silent majority is asleep for the most part but sooner or later the invaders will overstep themselves and wake all the Rip Van Winkles who will suddenly discover their assets and wealth is being taken to reward the preferred class of people and our political leaders fully intend to continue to rape the citizens. It is at that point that things might start getting nasty. Once that begins can it be turned around?

    2. Something that many are missing about this current fustercluck is that it's all about power.

      Note the fuss about asking the citizenship question, which has only not been asked in 2010? If illegals are allowed to fill out the census, California gets another couple (few?) representatives in the House. That means more votes to implement California's government agenda and more votes to give California more tax money. Same for all states that benefit from illegal immigration.

      I've heard serious talk about invoking the old, anti-slavery, 3/5 of a person rule for illegals, for essentially the same reason.

      Californians try to make us believe they're a net asset to the country and they pay back more in taxes than they take in. I think the main thing they're supplying to the rest of the country is people who are fed up with the state and can't afford to live there anymore.